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Near-Earth Asteroids - Assignment Example

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The author states that with the development of new technologies, it may be possible to demolish any object which could be a threat. But this may lead to fragments of an asteroid striking the Earth. Thorough research should be carried out to understand the negative impacts of such an action.  …
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Near-Earth Asteroids
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Extract of sample "Near-Earth Asteroids"

John A Astronomy Assignment 11 July Near-Earth Asteroids The impact hazard linked to newly discovered Near-Earth objects (NEOs) like comets and asteroids can be categorized by the use of Torino scale. According to Yeomans and Chodas of NASA, the Torino scale serves as a communication tool for the public and astronomers to gauge the criticality of collision predictions of any close encounters by the NEOs during the 21st century. The single threat value of collision predictions can be ascertained by combining known kinetic damage potentials and probability statistics.

According to Russ Rowlett of the University of North Carolina, 99942 Apophis Asteroid has reached the highest level on this scale with level 4 only for a brief period in December 2004. This asteroid has an approximate diameter of 270 meters.

Initial observations of the asteroid suggested a small chance (up to 2.7%) that the asteroid may strike earth probably on 13th April 2029. NASA has predicted 1 in 300 chance of the asteroid striking the Earth. But the results may change based on the day to day observations by NASA.
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(Near-Earth Asteroids Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 374 Words)
Near-Earth Asteroids Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 374 Words.
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