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Internet forum should be more strictly controlled for the entries because internet forum can encourage harmful and misleading news - Essay Example

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In the effort of the media to keep up with the technological pace, they have used the internet forum as a way to inject efficiency into their…
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Internet forum should be more strictly controlled for the entries because internet forum can encourage harmful and misleading news
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Extract of sample "Internet forum should be more strictly controlled for the entries because internet forum can encourage harmful and misleading news"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, there is need to control the internet forums by imposing strict regulations on its usage. However, controlling the internet forum may attract criticism as people may feel that this is one of the laws limiting the public freedom, which the constitution grants. In reality, Internet forum should be more strictly controlled for the entries because internet forum can encourage harmful and misleading news.
Internet forums refer to any forms of internet channels that are responsible for providing information to the access of the public. They may include any official internet news sites or even social networks that provide information to the public. The issue of controlling the internet forums is a concept that has for long drawn attention from many scholars. Controlling internet forums refers to the imposition of strict measures against its abuse in providing information. In the era of internet technology, many internet forums have emerged, making it entirely a big challenge to control the information that is relayed through these channels. While there is evidence that these forums are informative, it is clear that they can be used to relay raw information that may be untruthful, hurtful or even misleading. Misleading information refers to any material facts that may influence negatively the reaction of the people or even bring about a controversy. However, several policies have been put into place as a control mechanism for internet use. For instance, “regulations would force Internet companies to apply for a license if theyre running a microblog or forum” (Shalvey 1). Due to the sensitivity of information, it is crucial that every information that is relayed through these channels be reliable and truthful.
Misleading information may have far reaching effects to the receiver or even to the world. In many occasion, the news items report different information, putting people in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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