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Analysing a newspaper - Essay Example

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The news values, sources, objectivity, use of language among other news aspects shall be established in the paper. Domestic violence is a social problem that rocks many families in the United Kingdom (UK)…
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Analysing a newspaper
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Download file to see previous pages The society was structured in a manner that male dominated over women. Most leaders were male chauvinists hence male supremacy reigned. The legal system did not incorporate ways of dealing with domestic violence. Most women who suffered violence ended up being victimized as part of the problem. The article on The Guardian website gives a review on how domestic violence issue has been handled in the UK.
The news value is educative and concern peaceful co-existence in a family or domestic set-up. The news is also bad as it highlights violence in homes. Violence affects relationships and consequently leads to health and psychological problems. The news angle is neutral but rebukes perpetrators of violence. It does not support violence in heterosexual or homosexual relationships. The article has employed a criticism language on the government for laxity in coming up with an appropriate legislation in time. The editorial agenda is to sensitize readers on the need to stop domestic violence in families (Humphreys et al. 2013).
The article gives insight on how the fight against domestic violence has come a long way. With no legislations relating to domestic violence, most men took advantage of the situation. However, with the emergence of civil and human rights movements, the vice came to shame. Most citizens became sensitized on the need for peace in the family. Couples had to find better ways to resolve their differences. Women’s Aid was founded in 1970 as a feminist movement and campaign tool. Domestic violence and gender oppression became a priority to deal with for the group. Domestic violence and numerous forms of abuse were decisively dealt with by Women’s Aid among other groups that were founded. In 1979, statistic revealed that two women got killed weekly by their former or current partner.
The articles makes cites government statistics and other two sources on domestic violence. The sources add information about the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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