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TBC at a later point - Dissertation Example

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TBC at A Later Point Literature Review Previous literature has been written to examine the elements of government legislation and policies that have been made to respond to the protection needs of immigrant women who encounter domestic violence. This happens once they have immigrated into other foreign countries such as the UK from their home countries…
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TBC at a later point
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Download file to see previous pages These barriers include issues such as racism, cultural barriers, insecure statuses, lack of language along with restrictions to communal welfare. The literature also discusses the status of the battered women in the United Kingdom which has been done with regard to their ‘Two Year Rule’ along with the ‘no resource to public funds’ policies of immigration (MacVean, Koster and Watt, 2003). This discussion has all been aimed at showing how the people’s practices and policies establish obstacles for the women who may want to leave their abusive relationships (Kelly and Humphreys, 2001). The previously documented evidence also shows that the failure of recognizing the problems being encountered by women hampers the effectiveness of the immigration rules (Makower, Pennycook and Crawford, 2005). The Social workers roles in alleviating the problems encountered by victims of domestic violence have also been highlighted in the past literature. The dishing out of self-completed questionnaires in the British Crime survey revealed that over 10,000 women encountered sexual assault and over 2,000 of the women were raped each week (Fontes, 2004). The unit of forced marriage in the United Kingdom has been receiving over sixteen hundred reports of women who have been forced into marriage and is currently actively handling over four hundred reported cases (Hyden, 2009). Reports also indicate that there are over sixty six thousand women across the United Kingdom who have been affected by issues of female genital mutilations with another twenty four thousand girls at a risk of undergoing the same operations in the near future (Anitha, 2008). Investigations carried out among women prisoners have additionally helped in revealing that over a half of them had been involved in situations of household violence and at least one in every three of them had been sexually assaulted (Walby and Allen, 2004). These statistics reveal that the violence being perpetrated against women in the country is constantly increasing and certain measures should be developed to assist in curbing the acts (Krug, Dahlberg, Mercy, Zwi and Lozano, 2002). Every story that is revealed has some trauma along with memories of tragedy attached to them. The instances of violence may also bring forth long term diseases which could either be mental or physical (Walby & Allen, 2004). The feminist views of the earlier researches carried out on household violence have been criticized for their criticalness in perceiving gender as the only factor applicable in explaining the acts (Fontes, 2004). In the year 2000, Mama pinpointed the additional insinuations of ethnicity and race and their impacts on household violence. She argued that due to the barriers of race along with ethnicity, minority groups could be unable to access public services or airing their concerns about the violence they have previously experienced. The existing evidence base indicates that the violence perpetuated on women is present among all classes and cultures within the society and its impacts can vary from one individual to another (Krug, 2002). Previous research indicates that the act of recognizing the differences that exists between various women does not prevent the possibilities of an analysis that depends on the feminist views (Jaffe, Lemon & Poisson, 2003). This is because it would be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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