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Analysis of United States based television networks that service the U.S. Hispanic market - Research Paper Example

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According to Selig Center for Economic Growth, the Hispanic Americans have control over $1 trillion in a year as far as buying power of the people in United States is concerned. By 2015, this power will further rise up to $1.5 trillion equal to the size of Mexican economy…
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Analysis of United States based television networks that service the U.S. Hispanic market
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, Latino is considered broader term including different ancestries like Spanish, Brazilians etc. Thus, it can be concluded that Hispanics just involve Spanish- speaking persons from Latin America excluding Portuguese speaking Brazilians. According to the census of 2010, South America has about 85, 000 Spanish Americans in its total population composition. Most of the Hispanic population resides on the eastern parts of United States whereas Latinos prefer to have their accommodation on the western ends. As far as the total population of the United States is concerned, Hispanics constitute 16.7% of the total population and form the largest group based on ethnicity next to White Americans- a group of people composed of various other sub- groups like Latinos, Hispanics, Cuban Americans, Mexican, Colombian, Puerto Ricans, Dominican, Salvadorans and Spanish. So, just after the Native Americans, it can be well said that Hispanics are the second largest American ethnic group having roots in European ancestry. In the beginning of their arrival in U. S. Hispanics prefer to live in the Southwestern regions. Later on, in 1598, they had permanent settlements in New Mexico. In 1680, this area was transferred to Texas. However, again in 1692, Hispanics resumed their settlements in New Mexico. However, at the same time, new ones were also established in California and Arizona in the beginning of eighteenth century. Puerto Rico is believed to be the oldest settlement of early Spanish in United States. Source: (Ahaa, pars. 1) Source: (Ahaa, pars. 2) Source: (Jeffrey, pars. 1) The Significance of Media in the Lives of Hispanic Americans United States has a huge market as far as media and programming is concerned. There are hundreds and thousands of media outlets in America including commercial as well as non- commercial networks for broadcasting, advertising and marketing. Low-power Radio networks facilitating the listeners and millions of magazines are also circulating on daily basis. The Hispanic oriented and the most noteworthy media outlets include, Univision: This is considered the largest television network in Spanish language in the United States of America. This television network has several affiliates in the U. S. market and many international affiliates as well. Telemundo: The second largest television network in Spanish in U. S. is Telemundo having several national and international affiliates. Azteca America: Another popular television network in Spanish with affiliates in every major market of United States. Numerous international affiliates also exist, mun2: This is a cable network that extensively produces programs and content for audiences with Hispanic American and Latino origins. ConSentido TV: It is also a popular television network, newspaper and radio service that covers Hispanic audiences especially reside in North Texas. TBN Enlace, USA: It is a Christian television network which has its broadcast in Spanish language. This network is based in the state of California. 3ABN Lation: Another addition among the television networks especially focused on the programs that are specifically generated for Hispanic Americans. V-me: This network belongs to PBS network and it’s a Spanish television network. CNN: This television network is based in Atlanta: Georgia. It is a Spanish language news network. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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