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Research Proposal: RIVER ISLAND - Essay Example

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But the biggert part of the picture emerges, when a designer decides to adopt fashion designing as a profession. I am a student of fashion studies and i have decided to adopt…
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Research Proposal: RIVER ISLAND
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Download file to see previous pages This knowledge can be attained from my professional studies. But if a deisgner have to adopt fashion desiginig as a profession, he must possess sound knowledge of business management. If a fashion designer does not possess knowledge about business management, impact of culture on the fashion designs offered to the target market, and the underlying socio-cultural principles that must be adhered to, his/her products will fail. This assertion is based on the fact that, consumer behavior is developed under the influence of personality attributes and the factors of the social structure that helps individual to inherit certain habits and attitudes. The present research work would be beneficial for my professional growth, as it would help me to identify the influence of market palce environment and preferences of the consumers in the marketplace where i am going to offer my fashion products.
Fashion trends are bound to change but fashionable attributes that depict the culture can be seen as structured. They have vairiation isn the code of behavior, which is viewed in terms of being socially recognized amongst groups in the osciety. Fashionable trends depicting strong influence of culture shows how the individual engages in the world successfully (Entwistle, 2006). It also identifies the choices people make and the influence of various factors in their group, experiencing strong and genuine freedom of expression and exhibiting social equalization within cultural norms. Some individuals may regard this negatively as they feel that fashion should be innovative and one style of dressing should be portrayed to all the societies (English, 2013).
However, this thinking is biased, many conflicting ideas have emerged through various studies, and they need to be examined to show how cultural norms of different societies are needed as a part of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Proposal: RIVER ISLAND Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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