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Immigration Laws and Domestic Violence - Dissertation Example

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The paper is being carried out to examine the dimensions to which government policies responds to the needs of immigrant women faced with domestic violence. The domestic violence rule will be examined via taking women migrant experience as a case study. …
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Immigration Laws and Domestic Violence
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Extract of sample "Immigration Laws and Domestic Violence"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings domestic violence has been described by different individuals and groups to include a wide dimension of issues such as, uttering of words that are unkind or demeaning, grabbing an individual arm, murdering or kicking. However, the violence that occurs between cohabiting or married couples is referred to as domestic violence. Sometimes it is also taken to mean violence against a household member such as the elderly relatives or children. It is prevalent in socio-economic, religious, ethnic and racial groups. The likely hood of domestic violence to occur largely depends on factors such as substance abuse, poverty and mental illness. According to the view of women’s Aid, domestic violence is psychological, sexual, financial or physical violence among relationships that are intimate or family based. This forms a coercive and controlling behavior pattern (“What’s domestic violence”). As a result of no single definition of violence, the problem has become an uphill task to address. Women who tour the United Kingdom to visit their fiancés on a visa that only lasts for six months are expected to engage themselves in a civil partnership or enter into marriage. Alternatively, some come to reunite with their husbands and are subjected to a probationary period of two years of residency. This period is also referred to as two year rule. Through the citizens’ rights or spouses’ residency, the immigrant women obtain their migration status. (paragraphs 281–282, Part 8, Immigrations Rules, 2002). However, if their marriage does not work and end in a divorce during the two year period, they are not entitled to stay in Britain. In such circumstances, they are deported back to their home country (paragraph 287, Part 8, Immigration Rules, 2002). As a result of recent law changes, if marital breakdown is as a result of domestic violence, the migrant women are supposed to provide indispensable evidence of the violence. For such cases, they need to apply for the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). However, these women have no resource to public funds (NRPF) until a decision is made regarding their Indefinite Leave Remain application. The public funds are such as social or benefits housing that are inaccessible by refugees (paragraph 281 iv and v, Part 8, Immigration Rules, 2002). Despite the proof indicating that violence against women is prevalent in all countries across the globe, it takes various dimensions. The forms vary from the service response issued to the affected women and domestic violence impact (Krug et al. 2002, p.89-91). Women residing in India, Bangladesh and India are often faced with domestic violence. The domestic violence abuse is always triggered by numerous family members. Deployment of honor and shame notions is utilized to prohibit women from leaving, and stigmatizing women who are unable to leave. Sikh and Hindu women whose families pay huge dowries for purposes of marrying then to men living in the United Kingdom enhances the increased pressures for their family members to make sure their marriages are successful. This is perceived as a form of women oppression by feminist analysts. This takes into account ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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