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Social media is considerably a new wave of communication which has been researched by many investigators. Among famous and widely used social media networks, Instagram remains one of the…
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Social Media Assignment
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Difference in Usage Patten of Instagram among Males and Females: A Research Proposal Background to the Context
With the advancement in technology, communication patterns of people have wider changed. Social media is considerably a new wave of communication which has been researched by many investigators. Among famous and widely used social media networks, Instagram remains one of the oldest and interacting social media networking website. People, more specifically, both males and females have different manner of using Instagram. The fact remains that negligible research is present that shows the difference of usage of Instagram among males and females (Kuada).
Research Objective
The proposed research aims to identify the patterns of differences of usage of Instagram between males and females.
Research Questions
What is the difference in pattern of usage among males and females?
What are the factors that lead into the usage of Instagram by both the genders?
Are these factors probable to show the difference between males and females in terms of usage of Instagram?
Relevant Literature
A great deal of researches and investigations have been carried out in order to assess the usage of different social media networking websites among both the genders. It should be noted that as per the research conducted by Duggan and Brenner in 2013, it was noted that from the sample of 1802 participants out of which 846 were men and remaining were women, 16% of women used Instagram while it was 10% among men. This indicated that women made use of the Instagram service for sharing their photos more in comparison with men (Duggan and Brenner).
There are couples of reasons behind the usage of Instagram by users. As per the research conducted by Sigala, Christou and Gretzel (2012), females tend to be more curious about the happenings and experiences of others. It is due to this reason that they follow millions of other users on Instagram. However, male participants indicated that they wanted to stay updated with the later products and events for which Instagram remains a very good medium (Sigala, Christou and Gretzel).
Research Methodology
The suggested methodology for the research is mixed approach where qualitative as well quantitative methods will be used. The mix approach is considerably significant in proving literature analysis with the help of statistics (Kumar).
Primary Research:
A survey questionnaire will be directed towards participants. The number of participants will be divided into two categories on the basis of male and female. The question that will be used to conduct analysis will be close-ended questions (Goddard and Melville).
Secondary Research:
Relevant researches will be used to assess the investigations of the subject matter that has been done so far. Credible databases will be used to find journal articles, books, periodicals relevant to the subject.
Ethical Issues
The conducted research will not be used for the purpose of financial gain and will only be conducted as a part of academic achievement. The research will be carried out after taking informed consent from the instructor. Secrecy of responses of participants will be kept intact.
Gant Chart
Research Tools Development
Survey Tool Distribution
Ranking of Issues
Program Design Development
Program Implementation
Determining Service Structure
Initiating Service Delivery
Measuring the Effectiveness of the Program
Works Cited
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