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A Reflective Summary of the English 131 Class - Assignment Example

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The objective of the following assignment is to outline the developed skills and learned lessons acquired through undertaking an English writing course. The assignment presents several essays that demonstrate the author's progress and writing outcomes…
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A Reflective Summary of the English 131 Class
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Extract of sample "A Reflective Summary of the English 131 Class"

Download file to see previous pages In addition to the systematic course approach, I have also learned a lot from self-reflection allowed by assigned writing projects. Most importantly, I have come to appreciate the notion that, irrespective of the actual writing project and format applied, understanding proper techniques that make for good writing can enable one to create properly crafted and understandable work. The essays compiled in this portfolio demonstrate the progress I have made thus far, and I believe that the subsequent critical analysis of the four writing outcomes illustrates this improvement as well.
In consideration of the first outcome, I was expected to showcase knowledge of various strategies that writers make use of, in different contexts of writing. I believe I demonstrated outcome one in the second short assignment, in which I was supposed to write a piece of work in my mother tongue in the first section of the paper, followed by an analysis of my choice of work and its stylistic strategies. I settled for a Chinese poem detailing my life growing from boyhood to young adulthood. In the first version of the assignment, I focused solely on directly translating the meaning of the poem. As a result, you asked me to focus on the detailed analysis of why I chose the genre. You also recommended that I should explain how the writing style served to deliver the intended message to the audience. In the revised version, therefore, I made a greater effort to analyze the poem, its stylistic approach, and strategic intentions. For instance, I was able to clearly indicate that I opted for the poetry genre, and applied a descriptive approach, as demonstrated by phrases illustrating the slow life in my village, my playful boyhood, and the progress I have managed to achieve up to now. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Reflective Summary of the English 131 Class Assignment, n.d.)
A Reflective Summary of the English 131 Class Assignment.
(A Reflective Summary of the English 131 Class Assignment)
A Reflective Summary of the English 131 Class Assignment.
“A Reflective Summary of the English 131 Class Assignment”.
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