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LIA (3/4) - Assignment Example

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Modern Technology and its effects on Education and Careers instructor: 1. The essence of social media applications Internet provides us with various social networks through which we can contact our friends. The internet provides us with a friendly interface for easier interaction with our connected friends…
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LIA Assignment (3/4)
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Download file to see previous pages The social media employs mobile and web-based technologies to create a highly interactive platform through which individuals and communities share ideas. There are various social networks such as, Face book, Twitter, MySpace, 2go, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinteterst among others. Social media differs from the traditional media due to the high quality, reach, frequency, usability, immediacy and permanency. Study shows that people spend more time on social media than any other site in the internet. In U.S., the internet users increased their total time on social media by 37% to 121 billion minutes in July 2012 compared to 88 billion minutes in July 2011. The social media comes along with many benefits (Zhang, 2007). First, social media has significantly influenced the way young people interact with each other and the whole world. The youth use the internet to source important, engage, construct and maintain networks. The internet has also helped the young to transform their relationship with each other, their families and the whole community as well. Networks such as FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace allow an exchange of photos and important links. Second, the social network acts as a great source of information for entrepreneurs and individuals who invest in the activities, which the youth prefer. The investors obtain information on various opportunities on which they could make viable investments. The youth do post on the social media about their likes and interest such as dressing mode and entertainment. These are beneficial to the potential investors. Thirdly, advertising and marketing through the social network is possible by creation of various pages of a given company where the internet users learn about them. The social media users like these pages and thus they obtain information about the existence and popularity of various products. In addition, social media provides an interface through which the politicians carry out their campaign programs. This is because the youth form the highest percent of voters and in the social networks hence, the politicians through the political pages easily capture them. Social networks have helped to eliminate tribalism. This is because the youth intermingle with many people countrywide from all tribes hence there are reduced instances of tribalism. Political leaders also interact through FaceBook and Twitter pages thereby minimizing tribalism. Jobs opportunities have also arisen from social networks (Zhang, 2007). The employer advertises any job in the various pages in FaceBook and Twitter and interested and qualified individuals apply and emerge with a job. This has helped reduce the level of unemployment and has boosted economic growth globally. 2. The effects of modern technology in education and careers Information technology has helped me acquire my educational goals through various extensive ways. The most important area of the technology is the element of the internet. It has helped me acquire a huge information base. I would just key in queries in search engines and then select the best results. Modern technology has helped me acquire knowledge on the best areas to carry out my study and this is through the internet, which provides quality information on the available schools. There are online admission to the university and high schools. These effort s have reduced the paperwork involved and cost of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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LIA Assignment (3/4) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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