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CASA is an organization that is formed to advocate for the timely replacement of abused and neglected children into safe and permanent residence and for the utmost quality of their care as they are under the jurisdiction of the court (Carter, 2009). The organization has…
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Analyzing the key public of CASA
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Analyzing the Public of CASA Analyzing the Public of CASA CASA is an organization that is formed to advocate for the timely replacement of abused and neglected children into safe and permanent residence and for the utmost quality of their care as they are under the jurisdiction of the court (Carter, 2009). The organization has carefully focused PR plan that is aimed at achieving such goals that includes:
Increasing the minority volunteer
The main group that is targeted by this goal is the African American males. This is an interesting group that needs to be added to the list of the volunteers as the number of the children that the organization is looking after from the African American community is on the rise every year (Montgomery, 2007). The cases of abandoned or abused children from the African American community make nearly half those in courts these days in Montgomery County. Having volunteers from this community is an absolute importance to the organization as it shall be adding a group that the children will be feeling directly connected to and will be free and open to interact with.
The other group that is of at most importance to add as volunteers to the organization is the law students (Tumminia, 2006). This is a welfare that deals with matters that are legal and adding young and energetic volunteers who not only understands but also practices law is needed. It shall be a move that will also ensure smooth transition and stretch the life of the organization in many years to come.
Another important group is the retired mental health workers (Montgomery County Office of children and youth, 2008). The children, who have experienced abuse in many cases if not well taken care of and closely examined, can go into state of mental quandary. The organization need people who understand mental cases and who have hands on experience in these situations (Peak & Glensor, 2004). Other minority groups that need to be targeted and urged to volunteer their time and services are: other retirees, past participants, homeowner association members, animal lovers and retired and active police officers.
Creating the organization awareness
The organization must sell its operations to the public of Montgomery for all people to be aware of its existence. CASA need to target people who will be instrumental in reaching out to the public and sensitizing them about the programs of the organization. One such group is the gardeners (International Conference on Student Mental Health, & In Funkenstein, 2009). Nearly every home in Montgomery employs the services of the gardeners and this makes them to be an important network for passing information about the organization to the people (Tumminia, 2006). They can also be useful in identifying good homes for the children and bringing to the organization, cases of abused children from the homes they work.
Another important group in creating awareness for the organization is the teachers. They spend more time with children and so can be observant to any form of abuse their pupils are undergoing and bring that to the awareness of the organization (Hurley, 2009). Together with the PTAs the teachers are important channels for the organization in reaching the general public.
The other group and one that need to be in the minds of the organization are the policy makers. Child abuse and neglecting of children is an issue that needs addressing not only by CASA but also by the policy makers of the county (Watkins, 2009). Laws and policies need to be put in place that shall create awareness to the public of the existence of CASA. The elected officials and the county government should be brought in to play and advised well in order to be aware of the organization and be encouraged to make it known to their constituents at every opportunity they get.
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