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Introduction to Project Planning and Development - Essay Example

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In this study, the researcher would develop an online bookshop project plan for the college students in the UK. The suggested name for the online bookstore would be “Study Hub”. This online store would enable the students to buy books, as well as sell or trade their old books…
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Introduction to Project Planning and Development
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Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that the office of Study Hub would be located in London, UK. The Study Hub website could be designed by Vizion Online. It is located in London, UK. The URL for the website would be www. The Study Hub would be a sole proprietor form of business. Initiating is the stage that would include scoping the project in the situations of Deliverables, Deliverables, Technical requirements, Limits & exclusions and Reviews with the customer. It also includes carefully selecting the partners such as suppliers, software application, website designing, hosting and maintaining companies. Planning includes creating a project plan, analyzing the online market of UK and the allotting capital to different functions. Developing promotional strategies to create recognition in the market is also important. It would also include allocation of funds for contingencies and crisis situations. Moreover, in the initial months the company might incur loses, so funds should be kept for paying salary to employees and dues to the suppliers or money lenders. Executing would include the launch of the website. It should be ascertained by the owner that the website is working properly and all the links are functional. The website should also adopt proper SEO tools for high recognition in the search engines. The sales figures have to be regularly monitored and the workforce has to be controlled and trained at frequent intervals to increase their efficiency. The company can also plan their future expansion plans at this stage. According to Kerzner, “Stakeholders are individuals or organizations that can be favorably or unfavorably impacted by the project. As such, project managers must interface with these stakeholders, and many of the stakeholders can exert their influence or pressure over the direction of the project.” Therefore, Stakeholder analysis is a tool to spot out the key people in the company, who needs to be satisfied. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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