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The Field of the Gaze - Essay Example

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The study focuses on observing the school’s spacious water fountain site. The study zeroes in on the aesthetic and other features of the fountain. The picture shows…
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The Field of the Gaze
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Download file to see previous pages In terms of physical relationship to the site, the fountain site adds importance to the canteen and school premises. The fountain is within the wide expanse of the school premises. Students visit the fountain to take a sip of water. I also take regular sips from the water fountain to quench my thirst (Sturken & Cartwright 12).
In terms of what is close to t the site, the site of the fountain contains chair and tables several yards away. The site is very spacious. The site is an open air area. It is located outside the school buildings. However, the site is within the school premises. The students can easily reach the site. During the students’ break, the students can easily travel from their classrooms to the site within less than 15 minutes.
In terms of presumption, the bodies in the site presume the place is a spacious canteen, restaurant, or simply where more than thirty people take their snacks and meals during break time. The bodies presume the students can relax, take their fill, exchange pleasantries with other students, and relieve the pressures of the hectic exams. The site was built from funding. The funding comes from the students’ tuition fees, donors, and other sources.
Further, the site is filled with history. Initially site was a simple one. With fund savings, the site’s physical features were increased. The present site’s aesthetic beauty and functionality is sprawled a bigger area, grounded on several years of constant repairs and renovations.
Furthermore, there are current representations of the site. First, the wide open air spacious site represents relaxation. The students can take a break from their classes, meet new friends, and have a slight snack in the canteen’s spacious eating area. The site represents the efforts of the School Administration to deliver quality service to the students.
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