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Sociology of Sport (Basketball) - Essay Example

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Sports Sociology Field of sports sociology creates an intellectual connection between sports and power relations and other social issues (Zirin). Even sports are being connected to the issues of race, gender and nationalization. Although sports are just superficially thought as a short term challenge given to achieve a target by using all the allowed possible tactics of the game but sports has serious interconnections with teamwork and handling with diversity and different cultural issues…
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Sociology of Sport (Basketball)
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Download file to see previous pages The game I selected was basket ball as it is one of my favorite games and there are too many advantages of playing basket ball. It was an enjoyable as well as learning experience for me. It not only makes a player focused towards achieving a specific goal but also gives the strength to follow a leader and fight together for the common objectives. Field observations about Basket Ball Determination On the field I observed a lot of things that we cannot notice in our daily lives. Normally we do not get to know about our strengths and weaknesses until we actually face a practical experience of such sports. The field observation was a great learning experience because I learnt how to play this game competitively. Also I learnt about myself that when I get determined and want to do something, I can really achieve it. It is just the lack of determination that makes me unable to achieve my objectives and I perceive myself as incompetent. Basket ball gave me confidence in myself. I got to know that nothing is impossible and if I want to achieve something, nobody can stop me from that. This confidence instilled in me as the result of field experience because I had decided to learn from the field experience. ...
But that resulted in other team’s goal then our captain changed his strategy and communicated his plan to all of the team members. He is the kind of person who is a brilliant player but cannot communicate with team and avoids direct conversation of ideas to the team. At that time while playing, he realized that the other captain was continuously communicating about the plan to his team members and all the members performed accordingly. This was the moment he realized the importance of communication and social skills in this game. He took all the members on board and communicated his action plan which proved out to be very helpful for all of us. We got confidence from leader and we started working with proper coordination. I also did not know the importance of social skills and interpersonal skills. I always took it just as sports which we play to win or lose. But this time I effectively observed each and every element of the game and realized my weaknesses. Teamwork Another advantage I got from my field experience is that I got to know what the teamwork is. Teams are all about fighting and struggling for achieving a common goal (Parsons). I realized that team work is the only key which can help me excel in any field of life. I also got to know that working in a team does not always mean that I have to take certain initiative. If somebody has taken a good initiative already, it is my duty to let other accomplish that. Teamwork is all about achieving and letting others achieve their objectives. Whole team has to be supportive and encouraging to boost confidence. If a player’s opinions and ideas will not be given importance, it will lead to his de motivation and he will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Sociology of Sport (Basketball) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Sociology of Sport (Basketball) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Sociology of Sport (Basketball) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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