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Tourism Education Life Begins at 40 Name: Instructor: University: Course: Date: Introduction Tourism as a subject was incorporated forty years ago when experts began laying emphasis on key changes like incorporating it as study subject in various levels and educating the society on the key importance of protecting tourism…
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Download file to see previous pages Four Stages of Development There are four stages involved in the development of tourism. They four stages of development majorly rely on advocacy, cautionary, adaptancy and knowledge. The four stages focus around the basis of changes that has occurred and are still occurring in the filed of tourism and the education of tourism as a subject. The stages were closely related as elements of each stage were found in the other stages thus their core role was to build on the principles found within each other (Airey, 2008). The Industrial stage This stage took place between the 1960s and 1970s. The stage was known to be professional but the knowledge which was possessed regarding the field was limited. This was because they did not have sufficient evidences to support the different educational theories that scholars were coming with. The stage was aimed at addressing the various issues that were being experienced in the tourism field as scholars had discovered that it was highly needed in the development of the economy and also reserve different animal and plant species that were in the verge of being extinct. The stage also empowered students with the knowledge needed towards the development of their career and also equipped individuals tasked with the mandate of taking of the different tourism sectors with skills and expertise needed to carry out their task efficiently. Moreover, the stage also concentrated in providing information that was needed in the development of the different tourism programmes that would be offered by the scholars at different levels for individuals who were interested in pursuing the field as a career (Airey, 2008). The fragmented stage The stage was between 1980s and 1990s and it widely focused in harmonizing the curriculum that had been created in the industrial stage with the industry and learner needs which were growing rapidly during the century. It was majorly influenced by the development of new knowledge in the industry therefore creating a need to incorporate new programmes and information into the curriculum. Before its introduction, there were conflicts between the liberals of the subject and those who favored wanted a liberal approach in the tourism sector. Therefore, the need to create a new curriculum that would address and harmonize the issues of all the major players in the industry arose and was addressed by the fragmented stage (Airey, 2008). The Benchmark Stage According to Airey 2008, this was a stage where all the issues highlighted by the fragmented stage were addressed after consultations with the different key players and scholars in the industry. The new curriculum was approved by the quality assurance agency for higher education. However, despite the credibility of the new statement being proven, there were still questions regarding tourism as a course by different critics in the industry. The stage addressed various issues affecting the industry and offered various solutions that could be used in addressing the issues. Key among them was the ethical issue in tourism which advocated for a sustainable tourism in all major corners of the globe. In addition, business and management was introduced and stressed upon in the field during the stage as the filed was widely being accepted and incorporated into the systems by nations around the world thus there arose a need to manage the industry effectively. The Mature Stage It was a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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