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Digital Game Realism - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper “Digital Game Realism” is a detailed explanation of the digital world of gaming and the quantitative research that is done on the process. It is a helpful insight into the kind of data that is used in conducting research and provides evidence of the extent to which quantitative research is used…
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Digital Game Realism
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Extract of sample "Digital Game Realism"

Klein’s publication concentrates on the evaluative research that is done in the IS field. Klein uses the publication as a platform to explain some of the needs that are met by conducting research in the information System field and discusses some of the regulations to go by in interpreting the collected information. This article provides the research filed with some of the varying principles that are used in the field in the interpretation of research, in data analysis.

Tao, J., Jennifer Clark, Gage Gwyn, and Dan Lim. Hand-held Clickers vs. Virtual Clickers: What Do Our Students Think? Journal of Interactive Instruction Development 21.4 (2008): 17 – 23. Pdf.
Tao, Clark, Gwyn and Lim's article is based on the introduction of clickers in technology. The authors discuss the implementation of clickers in various social settings and the resultant effect the clickers had in qualitative analysis. The publication is a representation of how the research methods are implemented in different fields of the human world. In this case, the publication provides resources on what impact technology has in the field of technology as well as interacting with the real world.

Morse, J. M., Barrett, M., Mayan, M., Olson, K., & Spiers, J. Verification Strategies for Establishing Reliability and Validity in Qualitative Research. International Journal of Qualitative Methods 1.2(2) (2002). Pdf.
The authors, in this case, discuss some of the challenges that the research field faces. Research and data resulting from the activity are often scrutinized, but this article discusses the various ways in which interpretation of the data collected is done to establish the viability of the process and justify its conduct. The article is a base by which the research field shows susceptibility to flaws.

Glass, R. L., and Tom DeMarco. Quantitative versus Qualitative Reasoning. Software Creativity 2.0. New York: Developer Books, 2006. Pdf.
Glass and DeMarco use this chapter to discuss the reasoning between quantitative and qualitative research methods in the IT field, specifically in software development. The authors provide information that justifies a choice of a given technique over the other in different scenarios. The chapter provides a basis by which software and human interaction are justified when it comes to data collection as well as interpretation.

Trochim, William M. The Research Methods Knowledge Base, 2nd Edition. Internet WWW page, at URL: <> web. 20 October 2006.
Trochim discusses various methods that are used in conducting research in various fields. In this book, he justifies the use of different methods depending on the data that is availed to the researcher.
This publication is of use to my research in that it provides my case with various fields in which research methods have been applied.

Creswell, J.W. Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches. 3rd ed. London: Sage Publications, Inc., 2008. Print.
Creswell’s analysis of design and the role that is played by research in the process is a comprehensive way of encompassing research methods in the project development phases. In this publication, Creswell focuses on various methods of research and justifies its application in various fields. The book is useful to my research since it combines the principles in theory and their application on the field. Read More
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(Digital Game Realism Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 738 Words)
Digital Game Realism Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 738 Words.
“Digital Game Realism Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 738 Words”, n.d.
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“If you have documents going around for the boards' eyes only, you can encapsulate data in that way. You can set up lists of people who have the right to view, modify, forward, and copy, etc. One thing perimeter security does well is that it keeps outsiders from getting in and getting information...
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