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Contemporary media practices - Essay Example

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When an individual looks at a TV screen regardless of whether the individual is playing or watching a movie, the screen forms an interruption between the prevailing reality of the surrounding and the virtual reality portrayed through the screen. When an individual looks at a…
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Contemporary media practices
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Download file to see previous pages Inclusion in immersion indicates the way physical reality is shut out while its extensive characteristics indicate the various sensory modalities accommodated (Slater & Wilbur, 1997; Tavinor 2009, p.184). Immersion is regarded as a great experience in gaming and is considered in games, designers and researchers of games as an essential experience in interaction. The theory of immersion is perceived in many aspects but is generally employed in software when referring to the virtual reality of and games. Within the gaming context, immersion is considered to be essential because review on games indicate immersion is related to the reality of the game world or even the atmospheric sounds. Immersion is considered to have depth because the experience of immersion is essential in enjoying a game and is sustained or even destroyed by the characteristics of the game (Brown & Cairns, n.d). However, focusing on specific cases necessitates a thorough discussion with regard to the notion of immersion that includes a player’s complete and total psychological identification with a character, immersion into the situation or story, a trance state, sharing of emotional bond with a character or even having similar reactions to events of play (Torner & White 2012, p.75).
The different perceptions of meaning of immersion have generated conceptual confusion such that even observer promote simply abandoning it since what it obscures in more compared to what it reveals. Moreover, adoption of unexamined commonplace knowledge regarding the relationship between reality and game experience has been considered “immersive fallacy”. This is a way of considering the history of technologies of communications that takes it as inexorably and ideally leading to more powerful systems of simulation. Immersion’s conceptual elusiveness can be attributed to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Contemporary Media Practices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 Words.
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