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Moneyball - Essay Example

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A Ninety-foot squared ground, two teams of nine players each, a sequence of four bases, a bat and a ballyes you are thinking it right. I am talking about a base ball game. Ten to twelve hours of effective player schedule and an adrenaline pumping encounter is what we expect out of a baseball game…
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Extract of sample "Moneyball"

Download file to see previous pages After three outs, the other team gets a chance to bat and the game goes on. At the end, the team grabbing the maximum number of runs wins. This is what the game is all about.
A person can be known as a clean hitter and would have a clean chit for over 22 straight games. These are excellent statistics on the paper. But as soon as you step into the field, with over ten thousand pair of eyes gazing you with enthusiasm and envy, your hands will start sweating. Your heart beats increase and your mind races faster than a maglev train. You start thinking about the psychology of the pitcher, the manner he curves the ball in the air, the speed of around 100 miles an hour ball that approaches you like a meteor and the manner in which he last set you out. You gaze at his pasture at the mound and the tired look on his face after pitching for over four hours without a break. What is he going to ball today Will he rely on his best deliveries that he had bowled earlier, or has he experimented with his delivery this time.
These are some of the different thoughts that engulf a hitter's mind. They think about the last time they did a clutch hitting. But how is it possible to hit a 100 miles per hour delivery without even looking at its trajectory for less than a micro second
Baseball hitter can concentrate on the ball for loner than most oth...
ds that are impossible to follow- a player can farthest follow the ball to 5.5 feet in front of the bat; or they watch the first few feet of the ball movement and latter on believed in their instincts to move to they place they expect the ball to go. So, the coach's advice of following the ball till it touches the bat is practically impossible. These are some of the ways that governed the rapid evolution of baseball hitters. The balers only keep one thing in mind- swing the ball in air, clutch it in a manner for the hitter to not understand the trajectory, keep it as close to the body of the hitter as possible and make him attempt the ball in an un orderly fashion to let him out. Getting a miss is like a bonus for them.
Both the players have ample amount of challenges therefore. Their carrier can be mended or totally broke down by even one hit or a miss. The players deal with a lot of physical, mental and psychological pressures while playing and can commit mistakes in the interim. But there are no options left for them than not to make any. There is no security for a baseball player, neither of their health or their career nor to their families, if they get injured enough not to play again. The excessive fitness levels expected out of the players are really challenging and all have to abide by the game rules. This is the manner in which the game has progressed and taken this form since its inception in 1344.
The baseball organization has a lot of politics involved within. They make offensive strategies and the coach is made to learn that they are not teaching baseball, but are training baseball players. So their main emphasis revolves around the fact that who is doing what, rather than what is done. A good understanding of the game situation is more important in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Moneyball Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Moneyball Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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