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YMCA Baseball Team - Research Paper Example

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Baseball is a sport that entails the use of a ‘bat and a ball’ primarily as the instruments of play. It is played out by two teams consisting of nine players each…
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YMCA Baseball Team
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Download file to see previous pages Each of the players of the batting team, take turns hitting at the ball, while at the same time the pitcher’s teammates try to stop them from scoring ‘runs’ through several ways. As a sport, baseball has been linked with the struggle for self-rule and self-preservation; this being exhibited in such countries as South Korea and the state of Cuba: - In the former, against occupational rule by the Japanese, while in the latter against occupation and exploitation under Spanish colonial rule. The film “YMCA Baseball team” is based on the true historical aspect that ‘played out’ on the pitch in a hotly contested, emotional and captivating game. Through the game, there was a display of the protracted differences between the colonial Japanese masters and the Korean populace at large. In this movie, hitting the breaking ball by Ho-Chang (main character played by Song Gang-Ho) in the situation that Korean national baseball team was two points behind by Japanese national team in the 9th inning expresses the desire toward liberating from Japanese colonial force and protecting our own tradition. In the film, the hitting of the breaking ball by Ho-Chang (role played by Song Gang-Ho), in the situation where the Korean national baseball team was two points behind the Japanese national team in the 9th inning, expressed the desire towards liberation of the Korean people, from Japanese colonial military rule, and in the preservation and protection of their culture and traditionsi. Japan, as part of its 35-years imperialistic expansion, put Korea under it rule, this being in the form of military occupation. Korea as a whole was occupied and subsequently declared a Japanese protectorate in the year 1905 in the Eulsa Treaty; being annexed in the year1910, to form part of Japanese territory, through the enforcement of the annexation treaty. The Treaty was signed by Lee Wan-Yong; then given the General Power of Attorney by the Emperor Meiji of Japan. It should be noted, it is disputed that the Emperor himself actually signed the Treaty, thus ratifying it. Great-protracted disputes have fanned out as to whether this Treaty was actually genuine or not according to Law, this being because it was signed under the combined use of bribery, duress and even threat of force/coercion. The film titled, “YMCA Baseball Team”; a South Korean comedy film that was released in the year 2002, best illustrated the frustration, will and determination of the Korean People in expressing their desire towards total and sovereign liberation, from the Japanese colonial imperialism, and in the protection and preservation of their Culture/tradition. In this era, was born Korea’s first National Baseball team; named YMCA Baseball Team. It proved to being a great source of ‘Pride and Nationalism’ for the Korean people who, had over the years been humiliated by their forced subservience to the Japanese Empire. The film, directed by Kim Hyeon-seok, primarily, was inspired by the very real-life experiences of the Seoul based YMCA baseball teamii. The film’s cast brings out a ‘mature, thrilling; comical and yet politically captivating atmosphere’ in the film, that encapsulated the very nature of the Korean People, in their quest for sovereignty and self-preservation. The lead cast included: -“ Song Kang-ho as ‘Lee Ho-Chang, the son of a Yangban scholar; Kim Hye-su as ‘Min Jong –rim, the Western educated female coach and teacher at the YMCA School; Kim Ju-hyuk , as a Japanese educated member of the team; Hwang Jeong-min as Ryu Kwang-tae, the son of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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