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Morocco: Between Morocco local press and international media - Article Example

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For this reason, many countries across the globe view Morocco as an important country, particularly the U.S. that has doubled its trade and investment in the…
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Morocco: Between Morocco local press and international media
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Extract of sample "Morocco: Between Morocco local press and international media"

Download file to see previous pages The difference in framing (if any), differences and similarities in company’s ownership structures will also be highlighted in the paper with the help of two different articles on the same topic and the course textbook.
The two articles are selected from 1) a local Moroccan newspaper i.e. Morocco World News and 2) from an international news agency, i.e. the Guardian. Both the articles have discussed the issue of the arrest of the Moroccan journalist for publishing a video that was posted by Al-Qaeda as an act of terror. The issue has been covered differently at both ends, and this is the reason why the articles and the issue have been selected for this analysis (MoroccoWorldNews) (Hamilos).
According to the local perspective i.e. according to the Morocco World News, the video has openly claimed an act of terror and is against the interest and security of the country. On the contrary, the international news agencies and media are portraying the arrest of the journalist as an attack on the freedom of speech, and that the journalist should be released (however, the journalist is currently on bail). The ownership of the two different news agencies can define the difference of coverage as one is talking in the interest of the country while the other one is trying to raise it as an international issue to gain viewership and interest (Thussu).
Critical Claim: many countries have always criticized international media for presenting bias information and prospect. To bag international attention, international media often writes stories than what they are and shapes public perception as per their will and agenda.
To support my critical input, I would like to present the information from within the articles, their headlines, and their main focus. For example article 1 has talked about the arrest of the journalist and has highlighted how it had affected the country’s policies and interests while article 2 has talked about the freedom of speech and how Morocco is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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