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Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Addressing the Needs of the Hospitality Industry - Research Proposal Example

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"Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Addressing the Needs of the Hospitality Industry" paper evaluates the current structure of the educational system to answer the needs and expectations of hospitality professionals in a quantitative and qualitative plan…
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Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Addressing the Needs of the Hospitality Industry
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Extract of sample "Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Addressing the Needs of the Hospitality Industry"

Download file to see previous pages It is expected that the development of the tourism sector will assist in providing employment to the young and a valued source of income for the nation.

The tourism sector in Morocco has presented a strong growth of 6%, compared to a world average of 1.6% within the last decade (Alkhatib, 2008, Pp. 2). However, the tourism sector in Morocco must compete with other regional attractions, including those that are found in Egypt, which presented a growth rate of 20.6% for its tourism sector within the same period. The Vision 2010 strategy developed by the government in Morocco in the year 2001 in concert with the private sector targets attracting 10 million tourists compared to the 4.4 million in the year 2001 to generate 48 billion Euros over the year 2001 – 2010, compared to less than 3 billion Euros in annual tourism receipts for the year 2001 (Alkhatib, 2008, Pp. 21 - 24). About 600,000 new jobs are expected to be created and tourism is expected to present 20 % of the national GDP. The hosting capacity for tourism is expected to increase to 230,000 beds from 97,000 beds in the year 2001. 6

Developing the tourism sector in Morocco presents a challenge because the country lags behind its peers on many social indicators (Alkhatib, 2008, Pp. 2 - 3). Thus, educating the masses to support the 2010 Vision to support tourism and to take on the new jobs is a challenge and it is important to try to better understand the expectations of hospitality and tourism industry managers, increase capacity for training and education for jobs in tourism and understand if the structure of the education system in Morocco can support the needs and expectations of the hospitality industry in the country. 6

The research philosophy for this project is about a collection of qualitative and quantitative data from reliable published sources and survey methods to try to create rich descriptions and patterns that present a better understanding of the details for the situation faced by the client in reality or perhaps the forces acting behind the reality (Saunders, 2007, Chapter 1). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Research Proposal, n.d.)
Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Research Proposal.
(Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Research Proposal)
Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Research Proposal.
“Structure of the Educational System in Morocco and Its Capacity for Research Proposal”.
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