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Topic of interest How is the role of Islam effecting the current political situation in Egypt and how is the outcome expected to be different than the role Islam plays in the political situation in Morocco - Thesis Example

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Islam has transformed from being exclusively a religion into being an ideology that offers the total framework for all aspects of social, economic, cultural and political standing for the Muslim communities (Pack & Roslington, p 150). In Egypt, Islam is the recognized state…
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Topic of interest How is the role of Islam effecting the current political situation in Egypt and how is the outcome expected to be different than the role Islam plays in the political situation in Morocco
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"Topic of interest How is the role of Islam effecting the current political situation in Egypt and how is the outcome expected to be different than the role Islam plays in the political situation in Morocco"

Download file to see previous pages The Muslim Brotherhood was aimed at promoting the implementation of Islamic sharia law and social revolution, in opposition to the political and social injustices. The Muslim Brotherhood was legalized in 2011 after the Revolution, where it launched a political party (Freedom and Justice Party) to contest in the 2011 Egyptian elections. The political power and social influence held by the Muslim Brotherhood results from the failure of the Egyptian government to support its people. The movement has the support of the people, who join the movement for the pursuit of Islamism due to the dissatisfaction by the government (Pack & Roslington, p 151). The Muslim Brothers believe in reforming themselves, in hearts and souls through joining them to God, and organizing the Muslim society to be fit for righteous community that commands the good and forbids evil doing (Pack & Roslington, p 151).
Initially, as a movement, the Muslim Brotherhood is objected at the reform of both the individual and the society at large, in the terms of morality (Willis, p 46). The goals of the movement later grew overwhelmingly in the terms of support and numbers to be able to challenge the secular leadership practiced by the Egyptian leadership. The Muslim Brotherhood believe that Islam is a comprehensive ideology for both private and public life, and hence believed in the provision of basic services to the communities, with a consistency in the teachings of faith. They called for a return to the Quran and the Sunna for the practice and establishment of an Islamic government system through the preaching of the unity of the state and religion (Willis, p 56). The Muslim Brotherhood displays the fitting of Islam into the daily life through the creation of organizations such as hospitals, cultural associations, and charitable groups. The principles of Muslim Brotherhood outline that there is no distinction between religious and secular law, believers and the citizens, for the establishment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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