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'Magazines offer us a powerful way to look at the history of our society. No other medium better reflects the genuine concerns and interests of ordinary people than magazines.' - Essay Example

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Magazines are written materials which are distributed through print or electronic media across a particular geographical area or around the globe and are generally published at regular intervals. The content of the magazine generally varies with the area in which the magazine…
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Magazines offer us a powerful way to look at the history of our society. No other medium better reflects the genuine concerns and interests of ordinary people than magazines.
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Extract of sample "'Magazines offer us a powerful way to look at the history of our society. No other medium better reflects the genuine concerns and interests of ordinary people than magazines.'"

Download file to see previous pages The content of the magazine in generally controlled by the editor or the editorial board that is associated with the magazine. Thus the views of the people who are associated with the editorial board of the magazine get reflected in the content. There might also be guest writers who would provide their opinion about a particular issue or topic. This means that the magazine acts as a reflection of the ideas and the thoughts that are prevailing in the minds of the people who comprise of the higher strata of the society like the authors, politicians, economists, political practitioners as well as leaders of the countries where the magazines are being circulated.
One of the most popular American Weekly that had been in circulation since the 1930 is the Time Magazine. The Magazine used to be published from the New York City and contained mainly the news of the political and the social events that used to take place in the country and around the world. The magazine was published in English. The popularity of the company spread to different parts of the world and there were different editions that were published from Europe, Africa and Middle East.
One of the distinguishing features of the magazine was that there was specific issues and topics which were focused on a particular year and hence most of the articles published in that year revolved around that particular topic. For example, in the year 1989 the magazine started its planet of the year issue and was mainly focused on the various ecological imbalances and the environmental issues of the earth (Mott, 1938, pp. 78-89).
The aim of the Time Magazine on its initial days was to make the readers aware about the magazine within a very short period of time. The element of fun was also incorporated in the magazine so that it could be distinguished from the conventional newspapers. The TIME Magazine was criticised as being one of the magazines ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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'Magazines Offer Us a Powerful Way to Look at the History of Our Essay.
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