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Continuation of media influence on adolescents - Dissertation Example

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Media influence on adolescents The media has become an important influential factor in the shaping of human perception and conception of ideas, theories, values, beauty and perfection. The media content and the exaggerated images, which were portrayed in media are seen to have a strong impact on how people accept reality or criticize it…
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Continuation of media influence on adolescents
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Download file to see previous pages Although, both men and women read, viewed and heard various media content, women are maximally influenced by the content both in the physical sense as well as in the mental sense. That is, while men are merely excited, women strive to be just as flawless and perfect as projected in mass media by following lifestyle practices, which sometimes could border on negativity. (Sengupta and Dahl 2008). When one looks historically, when other electronic forms had not yet made an appearance, print magazines was the major media influence occupying the mind space of both men and women. However, as mentioned above, although males read the magazines, they were not maximally influenced by them to incorporate as part of their lifestyle, this was not the case with the females. In those times, women are mainly viewed (and the adolescent girls were prepared) as housewives or homemakers, whose primary duty is to take care of their husbands, children and the household. (Sengupta and Dahl 2008).So, the media content in mid part of the 20th century featured information as well as tips mainly regarding this lifestyle of women. Although, some magazines also featured content and tips on other extra-curricular activities that can be carried out by the women, it was only in minority. The basic point is, all forms of media content mainly reflect or write or broadcast what is happening in the real society about real people or specifically about real women at that particular time. Thus, mass media now or earlier reflected or featured women centric issues that was/is prevalent. However, certain issues are not time-bound and are visible now also. Quite importantly, apart from reflecting what is in the society, this media content will also influence the society. That is, like a chain reaction, the media content gets created from the society, and when the society starts to continuously read a ‘specific’ type of content, they will or if correctly said, majority of them will get influenced, thereby creating norms or stereotypes. This will change the lifestyle of many. As more adolescent boys and especially girls read, view or hear the media content, they will/have started viewing them as the eye-opener for many of their lifestyle choices as well as panacea for all their problems. When they do this, they will avoid or even ignore any tips from their parents For the past few decades, sexuality has been used in the mass media as the main form of gaining the attention of its viewers particularly the target segment of adolescents or youths, often showing models in a physical appearance, which negatively influences the adolescents. These contents in the mass media often use the subject of sexuality to promote the product or other features by correlating the two. Sizable content in the mass media show women as a symbol of beauty and sexuality, impacting men and women in different ways. (Sengupta and Dahl 2008). So, this literature review focusing on the trends and the influencing role of the mass media, will first discuss about the 1950s and 1960s mass media mediums particularly magazines and its impact or influence on the lives of the female, comparing it with the magazines of today. As part of the comparison, the review will also focus on how these mass media content took the ‘informational adviser’ tag, and gave a lot of tips to the adolescents, who sometimes preferred these media content over their parents. Media’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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