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The countries that were also interested in the winning their bids included; Brazil, Turkey and Russia. I believe Dubai was the favorite of all because of her stunning…
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Architectures Related to Expo 2020 in Dubai Recently Dubai was chosen to be the in UAE that would host the popular world expo trade convention in 2020. The countries that were also interested in the winning their bids included; Brazil, Turkey and Russia. I believe Dubai was the favorite of all because of her stunning and multifaceted architectures it has invested for the last few years. I contemplate that Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, was the main startling piece of architecture that made Dubai to be the first Middle Eastern city to host the prestigious occasion that occurs every five years (BBC News, 2013). Other amazing architectures that I believe are related to expo Dubai 2020 include; ‘The Cloud’, ‘Dubai Hub One’, ‘Opus’, ‘Dubai Renaissance’, ‘Eta Hotel, Dubai Grand Pyramid, ‘The Arabian Blade, and ‘The Burj Al-Arab’ (BBC News, 2013).
In my opinion, the architectures will play a big role in campaign for the expo in Dubai ‘architecture peace’ by promoting tourism department, boost business, attract investors and improve the lives of people living in the city. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al-Maktoum, the person in charge of the city has assured a tremendous surprise and innovation that will twist the minds of people globally in the coming occasion (BBC News, 2013). These high expectations are making the residents to work extra hard to ensure that the city is ready to host the historic event. Through this, I believe it will make the city to take risks and invest immensely, hoping that they will make huge profits through the selling of tickets, money collected from transport, the food the visitors would eat, and hotels where they will also sleep (BBC News, 2013). It is expected that expo 2020 will be make the city to cash in 23 billion USD, which is good money for the country’s economy.
BBC News. (2013). Dubai Chosen to Host 2020 World Expo Trade Convention. Retrieved on
November 28th 2013 from <>Read More
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