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Business Plan - Essay Example

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The following report is based on the business plan of an entrepreneurial venture of opening a franchise of PinkBerry in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As the type of business is already being defined, before signing the agreement of the franchise it is important to…
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Business Plan
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Extract of sample "Business Plan"

Download file to see previous pages That is the reason why the “Business Plan” report should contain some fundamental parameters like the overall market and the financial analysis of the business. In this particular case of opening franchise business a detailed company summery and ownership structure is also needed to be included. This is because the strength and weaknesses of the original company is being reflected in the respective franchise. The basic marketing strategy and product offering remains same throughout all the franchises. Here in this particular case a franchise is being opened in an international location. Thus a detailed market analysis of the company is required prior to any financial assumptions. This business plan will distinctly contain three sections. The first section will contain the company background (PinkBerry), the second section will give an overview of the general marketing strategy of PinkBerry and the third section will give an estimate of the financial estimates of the proposed franchise.
The Company started its operation in the year 2005 and it has originated mainly from the two cities of Los Angeles and New York and within five years of their operation the company PinkBerry has successfully established its leadership in the frozen yogurt segment. (“The leading, enduring, frozen yogurt brand for franchising”, 2009). Operating in a very concentrated segment the company has concentrated more on developing a cult-like following in its customer base. Though the company has originated locally, its prime focus is to expand both in the local and the global market simultaneously. Its local growth had hit a landmark as PinkBerry opened its first airport store in the month of September of the year 2009. (“The leading, enduring, frozen yogurt brand for franchising”, 2009) The other local expansion plans are going on in Northern California, Texas, Washington D.C and Florida. (“The leading, enduring, frozen yogurt brand for ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5500 Words.
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The structure of the keiretsu was analogous to the tree layout or branched format. It was this very structure that also seems to have lent a lot of stability in the early years of its inception. Each major keiretsu had one particular bank as its primary funding nucleus. This bank lent a specific keiretsu’s member companies money because they held positi...
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