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According to an article by Luoma (2006) entitled “Increasing the Motivation of Health Care Worker,” the three components of motivation are; 1) our perceived importance of the work, 2) our perceived chances for success, and 3) our expectation for personal reward. According to…
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According to an article by Luoma (2006) en d “Increasing the Motivation of Health Care Worker,” the three components of motivation are our perceived importance of the work, 2) our perceived chances for success, and 3) our expectation for personal reward. According to the article, one cannot directly motivate another person but create the conditions within which motivation can flourish. Therefore, these components fit in the healthcare as tools to motivate staff. According to the article, if one believes that the value for his work is high, then he can sacrifice to work very hard for low pay. Healthcare professionals are mainly concerned with saving lives of people and their work is greatly valued which motivate them to work had. Self efficacy is also applicable to the healthcare profession according to the article. People who are sure that they can be successful in their careers are motivated than those who think otherwise. In case of expectancy, motivation is likely to suffer if the employees think that they will not get anything from their efforts.
These three components fit very well into the profession of healthcare. Most healthcare workers are motivated at their jobs because they perceive that the work that they do is needed and important. Healthcare workers work to help people feel better- which they must believe is possible if that is what they are trying to achieve. Though healthcare workers are not always rewarded monetarily, many feel rewarded by praise or by knowing that they have helped someone. These are all very important factors for why healthcare professionals seek work in the area that they do and why they would continue to feel motivated in their jobs.
I agree that three above mentioned factors fit in well in the healthcare system. First of all, nurses are motivated by the fact that they are regarded as very important in their profession. This influences them to put more effort in their work so that they can continue getting the valuable recognition from different people. Healthcare workers are also motivated by their perceived chances for success. Every individual has specific goals to achieve in his or her career and this is a motivating factor in its own. Lastly, healthcare workers are also motivated by the expectation of gaining a personal reward. Indeed, this is an external factor but it influences the healthcare workers to put more effort in their work when they are aware that they will be rewarded for their efforts.
The first component is valance. This is related to importance we gain from our work. In healthcare, what we do really affects patients and their safety so if we satisfy their needs, they will also treat us as very important in their welfare. The quality of our work is determined by the level of satisfaction shown by the patients who in turn will treat us as important. This is very important since it motivates the healthcare workers. The other component is self efficacy and it is very important in healthcare as it ties in with the type of care we give. If we do not feel like we are given the chance for success, that will affect our level of motivation and the type of care we give our patients. As the article states, if you are set up for failure what kind of work is going to come from that? Obviously it will be negative. We need to have a sense of pride in our work given that what we do makes a difference. Expectancy is very important in as far as motivation is concerned given that healthcare workers also expect to get a reward for their outstanding performance in their work. These three components correlate with motivation in the healthcare system. A demotivated employee in the healthcare field often provides poor care to the patients and poor care is the last thing anyone wants in the healthcare field.
Also, in the conclusion section of the article, there are two bullet points stating "motivation is an internal state, it is possible to influence it with external changes" and "of the available methods of improving motivation, incentive systems are the most reliable." To a large extent, I really do agree that motivation is an internal state. It is possible to influence it with external changes like rewards, goal achievements and other related incentives. To a larger extent, incentive systems are the most reliable method of improving motivation. In every career, people expect to get incentives in form of financial gains that can motivate them to put optimum effort in their work. Incentive programs are probably the easiest way to measure an increase in motivation, but I doubt that short term incentives really create long term internal change within an employee. However, though the workers may be motivated to get a job done to get an incentive, it will not always change the way that they perceive the job, their attitude, their work ethic, or the other internal factors that motivate them. Indeed, it may produce results, but it is very difficult to say what causes long term change among individuals. This may be different among different individuals and is closely linked to their values, interests and core beliefs. These things cannot be changed simply with the implementation of an incentive though it is effective.
Luoma, M. (2006). Increasing the Motivation of Health Care Worker. IntraHealth International Read More
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