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Application of Organizational Behavior Concepts - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyses the process of identifying the causes of the high turnover at Healthcare Inc. and discusses at least three causes of high turnover. Also, the paper discusses the relationship between the three causes and the concept of job enrichment…
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Application of Organizational Behavior Concepts
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Download file to see previous pages Job enrichment concept refers to the variant ways that an organization applies to enhance its productivity by increasing employee’s job motivation, self-worth, and satisfaction. Regardless of the scope, operations, size, type, and ownership, of an organization, the adoption of the job enrichment concept fosters employee production and worker motivation. However, many organizations do not apply job enrichment concept in their management and hence the employees are constantly dissatisfied thus leading to employee turnover. Indeed, very few organizations have the ability to attract and retain trained and qualified employees. This leads to significant monetary loses and affects employee morale, customer relationships, the effectiveness of other employees, and leads to job injuries and theft. In fact, high employee turnover lowers the public trust and the goodwill of an organization. Therefore, it is the prerogative of any human resource manager to reduce employee turnover in a reference organization for purposes of reducing accrued losses and low productivity. As such, the Human resource is responsible for compensation and benefits, and advanced opportunities, job satisfaction, and retention of a highly effective workforce.  In conclusion, the paper will propose possible solutions to the issues leading to a higher employee turnover at Healthcare Inc. Identifying the Causes of High Turnover at Healthcare Inc In ascertaining the causes of high employee turnover at Healthcare Inc., one should know that if an organization has lost more than 20% of the staff within five years, then that qualifies to be high turnover. One should then observe on where improvements are necessary for the workforce, and conduct interviews on the employee satisfaction. One should consider whether the organization offers a desirable work environment, whether there is appropriate assigning and performance of tasks, whether there is an effective way of communication, whether employees support one another, and whether there are appropriate recruitment and training of employees. Motivational issues, recruitment and employee selection issues, and leadership issues dominate the list of causes of high turnover at Healthcare Inc. (Capko, 2001). Recruitment, Employee Selection Issues and Job Enrichment Concept The employee turnover has a direct correlation with the recruitment and employee selection issues. Recruitment refers to an affirmative process where many candidates apply for the same job while selection involves the discarding of the unqualified candidates (Smith and Lister, 2008). Hence, recruitment precedes selection. The employee selection process involves the hiring of qualified workers for the right job (Collins, 2007). In doing this, the management links the organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of potential workers. This leads to the quality performance of the employees and low employee turnover. However, where selection happens in a fraudulent manner, employee turnover is inevitable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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