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Investigation into the Effectiveness of Training and Development of Care/Support Workers - Essay Example

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This study indicates the need for further research into the training and development needs of the diverse workforce of healthcare support workers to enable clarity in the training and developmental needs of the healthcare support workers…
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Investigation into the Effectiveness of Training and Development of Care/Support Workers
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The paper tells that worldwide there has been a sea of change in the manner in which healthcare is provided to the communities. These changes have been brought about due to several reasons. Dramatic improvements in the life saving techniques of modern medicine has led to increased life expectancy, and with that an ageing population. Better insights into the functioning of the human body and mind have led to detection of a larger number of disabilities, calling for the provision of extra care for these segments of society. Increasing chronic health and morbidity issues, paucity of funding and infrastructure to meet the greater demands placed on the healthcare infrastructure, and most importantly, the shortages of health care service providers. The care support workers play an important role in the emerging changes in the provision of healthcare to the communities around the world by filling up the chronic gap in the requirement of healthcare professionals and the strain that it puts on the existing healthcare professionals. It therefore becomes imperative to assess the current status of the care support workers, their wages and working environment, their aspirations and career development opportunities, skill development requirements and attitude of the other healthcare professionals to the care support workers. It is this understanding that provides a picture on the motivation that these thousands of care support workers around the world and the United Kingdom have in continuing to provide their services in making available the new emerging trends of healthcare to the sick and needy.
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