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Crisis Management --- Burger King's Horse Meat Scandal - Essay Example

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It has its restaurants in 70 different cities of the world, including America where it has about 7,207 restaurants. Burger king has its restaurants based in many other important locations in the world which serves as its…
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Crisis Management --- Burger Kings Horse Meat Scandal
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Extract of sample "Crisis Management --- Burger King's Horse Meat Scandal"

Download file to see previous pages The slogan of burger king is famous too, as it says “have it your way”. Burger king has been ranked 7th in brand awareness from all the companies of the world.
90% of the restaurants of burger king are owned and they are being operated by families who have been in this business for decades. This has helped burger king to grow; they have been successful in increasing their growth by maximizing their capital expenditure.
One of the major weaknesses of burger is the lack of advertising. Burger king does not advertise its product like its competitors do, especially Mc Donald. This factor serves as a drawback for the company.
Burger King although operates worldwide but majority of its restaurants are in United States (65%). This concentration of the company in a single geographical region gives rise to many undesirable factors which may affect the sales of Burger king e.g. inflation, strikes of labors, etc.
The company needs to advertise its product as hygienic as well as halal. After the recent “horse meat scandal” (Phyllis M Daugherty, 2013) the company needs to advertise that the beef they are using has not originated from horse but it is from hygienic and acceptable source.
Burger king is looking forward to overhaul its menu with new items such as “Seattle best coffee from Star buck”, “tender crisp premium chicken burger”. This will definitely help the company to increase its sales, generate profit and increase its market share.
Burger king must start home delivery of their product. This would help in gaining customer satisfaction as the customer must be please to have their favorite fast food whenever they desire, by just dialing a number.
The recent “Horse meat scandal” has damaged the goodwill of burger kill as the customers have started questioning that the products they are eating is from acceptable source or not (Phyllis M Daugherty, 2013). This has decreased the sales of burger king and has caused a bad name for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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