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The information technology is at alarming levels a fact that both bring hope and poses a risk to the safety of modern business entity information (Scarfone & Souppaya 2009). Riordan…
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Smith Systems Consulting
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A Proposal for Password Security System for Riordan Manufacturing Introduction Technology has taken everything with a storm and cyber technology has not been an exception. The information technology is at alarming levels a fact that both bring hope and poses a risk to the safety of modern business entity information (Scarfone & Souppaya 2009). Riordan manufacturing, being one of the fastest growing business entities in the manufacturing industry, is with no doubt that one of the most ideal target point by professional hackers. These hackers are capable of stealing and trading any company’s information upon hacking. For this course there is an inevitable need to have a reliable password security system that encompasses the properties of both safety and simplicity in the most balanced manner.
The Password Security System
At smith Systems Consulting, we have been in the business of offering lasting solutions to business information through installation of security passwords that are hard to hack. The proposal we are offering to incorporate in your company uses the most recent art of technology to ensure that only responsible people are allowed to company information. For simplicity and unification, we propose to install touch-screen password system that allows access via approval by at least two company signatories. The number can though be varied to suit the convenience of operation yet still not compromising the safety aspect.
With the increasing worth of Riordan Manufacturing, this system guarantees safety and accountability into accessing company information. The additional material needed to implement the system are few as it uses most of the already in use items within the company. This lowers both cost of installation and maintenance. The touch-technology simplifies the system making it the most effective user-friendly password security system which can be unified easily to close all the loopholes that might be used by hackers.
Scarfone K. & Souppaya M. 2009. Guide to Enterprise Password Management (Draft). National Institute of Standards and Technology. 800-118 Read More
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Smith Systems Consulting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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