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It was early in the morning, and they were waiting for their bus. Initially, I was a bit away, so all I could see was their facial expressions. They were very serious. I felt keen what it was, and so, I went closer. One…
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Observation #3
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Your full February 18, Observation # 3 I observed two males talking to each other on a bus stand. It was early in the morning, and they were waiting for their bus. Initially, I was a bit away, so all I could see was their facial expressions. They were very serious. I felt keen what it was, and so, I went closer. One of them was talking about his finances not being managed properly in recession, and the other one was also telling him about his own tight financial stories. So, it was all about two men talking about their financial difficulties with each other.
Next, I observed two females talking to each other, on the same day, but at a grocery store. After observing them for a few minutes, I figured out that they were neighbors living in a close neighborhood. One of them had a little baby in a pram, and the other one was telling her about her children who had gone to school. She was giving the other one tip upon handling a cranky baby. So, I figured out that the main topic of discussion was child care. They had not yet started doing grocery.
After that, the same night, I again went out on a venture to observe a male-female interaction. I entered an ice cream parlor. I witnessed a couple. I took the table next to theirs so that I could hear their conversation. I could sense some romanticism, and it took me no time in concluding that they were dating. They were in their mid-twenties. They were looking very happy and excited over something. When I heard closely, the man was talking about how he had got the job, and what his plans about marriage were. The woman looked merry. Read More
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Observation #3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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