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Comparing and Contrasting Culture and Education in Saudi Arabia and The USA - Essay Example

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The thesis of this paper basically discusses the similarities and differences of two countries, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America concerning their culture and education. The culture and education in America are greatly different from that of Saudi Arabia as their geographical conditions and people are different. …
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Comparing and Contrasting Culture and Education in Saudi Arabia and The USA
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Download file to see previous pages or Mr. as titles. University students however can just call their professors by their first names and mostly, they are encouraged by their professors to do so, which in Saudi would be unpleasant to the ears and may be deemed a sign of disrespect so that adaptation has been difficult for me in this area. In addition, I also observed the form of instruction in the schools. American schools are interactive, with the teachers encouraging the students to participate in discussions, arguing about the subject matter and voicing out their minds with the teacher ready to aid them in channeling their thought to the right decisions, which is greatly different in my country where most of the talking comes from the teacher. The students are expected to sit down and listen in return, never challenging, negotiating or discussing the topic whether an individual agrees or disagrees, a student’s duty is to keep his mouth shut. Christianity is the widely embraced religion in America and the government founded its constitution in Christian beliefs. Saudi on the other hand established her laws from Islamic ideologies. Although both religions claim an identical story of creation and trace their ancestry to the same patriarchs, the differentiation would be as the names suggest, between the prophets Muhammad and Christ as well as their teachings. Speaking of government, the form used in Saudi is monarchy with council of ministers and consultative council helping the king in his government affairs. The king’s authority is limited because of the context of his role indicated in the Shari’a and other traditions (U.S. Department of State). America on the other hand,...
This paper approves that media could be found to be a common phenomenon, affecting the countries’ success and legislation through the distribution of highly competent publications not only in the native tongues of both countries but in other languages as well. Legal issues and individual concepts are placed into the assessment of different sectors as the media make available the information released through broadcast or paper. And this is not just for people to express their interpretations of events but in response to the shared belief of a better environment we all could make. America has a greater number of immigrants from a wider scale of immigrants than that of Saudi.
thais paper makes a conclusion that Nations could be entirely different but the fact cannot be denied that somehow, we are somewhat related to each other in unique ways. Looking at the data discussed in this paper, one could easily come up with an analysis of the approach a nation could employ in the making of its policies to meet the specific needs of different nations as each are different. A characteristic may be stronger in one nation than the other but this does not mean that the virtue is solely for that particular nation. In conclusion, as each have varied resources, nations should get involved in the exchange of benefits to build a global relationship that allows every nation to survive in this chaotic world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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