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The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas in Saudi Arabia (Style is Annals of the Associatio n of American Geographers , AAAG) - Annotated Bibliography Example

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It covers major areas such as economy, population and religion. This aids in giving a comprehensive and conclusive argument. The website gives a statistical data on counties…
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The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas in Saudi Arabia (Style is Annals of the Associatio n of American Geographers , AAAG)
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Extract of sample "The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas in Saudi Arabia (Style is Annals of the Associatio n of American Geographers , AAAG)"

Download file to see previous pages The organization is among the leading immigration law firms in the USA. The article provides detailed information on the rights of an immigrant in the USA. This information is useful in comparing and contrasting what happens in Saudi Arabia and hints at how Saudi Arabia may integrate immigrants physically and culturally. This popular website lists down a number of rights that are related to immigrants such as, entitlement to pay for full time work and overtime for every extra hours taken, this is regardless of the employees legal status. Other rights listed by this website include upholding o fair treatment at work without detention against someone’s will, no confiscation of documents as the employee retains the right to keep their documents and even right to refuse unlawful search and arrest that is without warrant signedby a judge. This website is relevant as it aids in comparing immigrant status between the two countries (Immigrant rights in USA).
This website is designed to give detailed statistical information of countries and cities. It gives the population of Saudi Arabia in a clearly and provides up to date information. It also details the percentage of immigrants in the land. This popular website estimates immigrant population in Saudi Arabia to be about 31 percent of the total population with a migration rate of 0.59 for every 1000 people. It lists countries with highest immigrant in Saudi Arabia to be India, Pakistan and Egypt respectively. Quoted in the article is the significant decline of Yemenis in the country as about 800 thousand were thrown out of the country. Exposed also is that certain nationalities are forbidden from entering the country these include Palestinians and Israelites (population of foreigners in Saudi Arabia).
Both Simon and Lynch are professors at the Department of Justice and society at the American University. The book gives an insight into ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas in Saudi Arabia Annotated Bibliography. Retrieved from
(The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas in Saudi Arabia Annotated Bibliography)
The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas in Saudi Arabia Annotated Bibliography.
“The Incorporation of Immigrants in Growing Urban Areas in Saudi Arabia Annotated Bibliography”, n.d.
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