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I. The decision making process There are a number of decision making processes that have been cited to aid any decision maker in coming up with an alternative that one deems to work given a set of variables in a particular situation. Some analysts have categorized the decision making models into two major groups: the first group is called the rational decision making model, while the second group involves intuition, hence it is called the intuitive models (McDermott, 2006)…
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The decision making process: Effective Management
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Download file to see previous pages Each alternative is assessed with its advantages and disadvantages (or the pros and the cons), and these are rated and compared, taking into consideration the ones that are closely resulting to the desired results given the circumstances. Rational models are said to be time-consuming and involve a lot of information and data gathering, plus the processing time to convert the data into management information readable to decision makers. Indeed, rational models will require substantial time devoted to prepare the appropriate information needed by decision makers (McDermott, 2006). However, rational models are quite popular and the most sensible models to use. It is popular to decision makers who believe in a systematic and orderly process in doing things. Rational decision making models, while time-consuming, involve a decision process that requires “thinking”, and where “various options are rated according to potential advantages and disadvantages”. Accordingly, the one option receiving the highest score will have to be chosen as the final decision being the “optimum one” (McDermott, 2006). ...
an alternative choice, given a pattern of experience and results by that someone making a decision who has given more weight on expediency rather than the more logical result of a time-consuming, rational approach to decision making. McDermott (2006) has cited the works of Dr. Gary Klein on intuitive-based decision making model called Recognition Primed Decision Making Model. Such decision making process involves relying on feeling, or “gut feel” coming from past experiences, or a series of events or patterns happening in the past, allowing a conclusion to be formed based on these past experiences. McDermott described it further: His recognition primed decision making model describes that in any situation there are cues or hints that allow people to recognise patterns. Obviously the more experience somebody has, the more patterns they will be able to recognise. Based on the pattern, the person chooses a particular course of action. They mentally rehearse it and if they think it will work, they do it. If they don't think it will work, they choose another, and mentally rehearse that. As soon as they find one that they think will work, they do it. Again past experience and learning plays a big part here.(An overview of decision making models, 2006). In other words, the intuitive model of decision making process can be an acceptable form or process of decision making depending on the person making the judgement. Anyone armed with the knowledge based on experience can be trusted to make a decision that will produce the desired result or effect. Such expertise, should however, be cautioned with discretion, since relevant information that may be readily available may be ignored and sacrificed if one will just rely on past experience as a biblical truth to guide one’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The decision making process: Effective Management" is quite often seen among the tasks in high school. Still, this paper opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the manner for my own text.

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