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How is everyone there in China? I hope you are all keeping warm since January is the coldest. As for me, all is well; I’m doing my best to keep on making both of you proud of me. Thank you for selecting and financing my education abroad. I remember what you…
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Dear mom and dad; REF: Request for funding for another year’s worth of tuition How have you been? How is everyone there in China? I hope you are all keeping warm since January is the coldest. As for me, all is well; I’m doing my best to keep on making both of you proud of me. Thank you for selecting and financing my education abroad. I remember what you once told me mom, ‘To those who much is given much is expected’.
I’m humbly requesting for your continued support for one more year. Mother, father, I know this will put you in a tight financial situation more so because my tuition is more expensive than those of others but this request is for the best. This will allow me to satisfactorily accomplish my mission and become well qualified for a good job in our highly competitive job market. As per my resume, you have seen that my academic performance is exemplary and you have not received any disciplinary complaint or any issue from the lecturers. This proves that indeed your finances are being put into good use.
Mother, I always read the scriptures, meditate and say my prayers to Buddha. Father, I always steer clear of trouble and I keep good company. I am your investment and after this final year, I will come home and show all of you that indeed I am a respectable and resourceful person in society. You raised me and showed me by example what kind of person to be. As the wise say ‘Giving your child a skill is better than giving him one thousand pieces of gold.’ Mother, father, kindly finance me for only one more year. I have never and will never let you down.
Yours loving Read More
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Audience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 3.
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