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Acquiring specific and expert knowledge along with disciplined practice makes an individual skillful and productive for his prospective life. Since the development of technology…
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Expensive college tuition worth it
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Download file to see previous pages However, the increasing cost of education makes it difficult for a large majority of people to pursue their higher education in better universities and colleges. This paper will evaluate the American scenario of college education focusing the students as audience while analyzing the actual situations to prove whether the rising tuition fee actually add value to the higher education outcome in the country.
Education at a higher level is surely meant for a rewarding purpose; therefore it incurs cost at a reasonable proportion. The term tuition fee refers to the amount required to be paid by the students for continuing a learning course in a college or university. The education institutions providing higher education looks for imparting training at international levels. The stakeholders of this process includes several aspects like state government funds, material and human resource requirements, employment agencies and supporting organizations etc. Majority of these factors are subject to changes with the economic conditions in the respective states. Rising cost of education has been a tremendous challenge before the universities and education departments in the country and it affects the number of qualified candidates in the employment market with considerable impacts. The uncontrollable increase in tuition fees poses a threat to the enrollment rates in colleges, which is an indicator of declining quality of human resources in the future years of the productive economic sector across the country.
The total picture of the education system in the country shows the students as the players of a borrowing-repaying process alongside their education. At one side they are given extended loan facilities by several financial enterprises towards education; and at the other side, the educational institutions engage in a cost-shifting process in which the increasing cost of education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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