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Studies about Sara Lee & APPLE - Case Study Example

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Question #1 Apple Inc. is one of the fastest growing technological companies in the world. The company was on April 1, 1976 in California by Steven jobs and Steven Wozniak when they first developed and market personal computer called “Apple 1.” Over the years, the company has been facing great competition with its major competitors such as Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, and Nokia…
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Case studies about Sara Lee & APPLE
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Download file to see previous pages The company retains its customers by coming up with innovative products frequently with features that customers are looking for. A prime example of this can be seen when Apple launched its iPhone (Smartphone) in 2007. iPhone has been considered as the “invention of 2007” by time magazine. It was unique mobile communication device with most innovative features. The success of first generation of iPhone did not stop Apple to strive for the best. Therefore in 2009, the company came up with iPhone 3GS with more new and innovative features to gain attraction of iPhone lovers and other consumers. Then after a year in 2010, Apple launched iPhone 4, and the latest iPhone 5 in Sep 2012. Moreover, Apple has launched iPad which is a Tablet Computer in 2010. Apple also launched the first Graphical User Interface Computer (GUI) computer called Macintosh (Mac) computers but it was unsuccessful in comparison to PCs made by IBM. However, in spite of the failure, Apple kept bringing innovative products and re-launched its Macintosh computers. This time it proved vital and greatly accepted by people. Apple Wants Result One of the most important aspects of the company is that Apple wants result oriented people. When the first Macintosh computer that Apple launched became unsuccessful, the company hired new CEO and President, John Sculley. But after some time due to his weak performance, company fired him and hired another CEO, Micheal Spindler. After three years company asked Spindler to resign and then Gil Amelio was given this position. But in 1997, when company recorded additional losses, Apple’s board of directors named the founder of the company, Steve Jobs as CEO. Steve Job turned fortune of Apple and improved its performance significantly. Extensive Research Apple always conducted research carefully to find out what consumers want. The company relies a lot on conducting research in order to find the current and future need of consumers and then come up with products to meet these needs. All this process plays a crucial role in satisfying more customers. All these elements help to bring competitive strategy. Apple does not compromise result and always want result oriented people. This is the reason which makes the company able to provide innovative products. Question #2 Apple’s strategy in computers When the competitors of Apple increase their market shares, the company introduced its first notebook computer called iMac in 1999. After launching iMac, the Apple increased its profits and the share price increased considerably.. However Apple was unable to capture sufficient market share after iMac. Therefore the company started focusing on other product lines. This was a great strategy for Apple. Apple launched iPod which successfully captured the demand of consumers. The consumer interest in iPod helped in increasing personal computer’s market share. The level of trust of people increased on the products of Apple and several consumers also purchased to Apple computers. Eventually Apple personal computer’s market share increased to 4 percent. When customer started showing interest in Apple computers, they started producing more innovative computer notebook such as MacBook Pro. This notebook was targeted to education users. The company also introduced MacBook Air and this product was designed for the users who want portability and power. However Apple ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Studies about Sara Lee & APPLE Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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