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Issue with communication - Essay Example

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Similar to Best Buy and eBay, Future Shop understands the importance of using many different social communication channels to interact with customers. Located on the home page of the company’s website are links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, and blogs. Also included is…
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Issue with communication
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Download file to see previous pages This not only looks bad from a new customer point of view, but it does not firm up established relationships with current customers. The lack of action on the company’s social media pages suggests that it does not place the role of technology in acquiring new customers very highly. It would useful for Future Shop to also share its Facebook posts on its Google+ page. In this case, the company would gain more followers among Google+ fans because not everyone uses Facebook. It is important that Future Shop caters to all social media networks because some people only use one or two. If Future Shop customers who prefer to use Google+ feel like the company has a lack of interest in them, then this will result in a loss of trust and loyalty from these customers. Communication plays an important role in the performance and growth of a company, and Future Shop needs to realize this if it wants to expand in the future.
In a similar way, Future Shop’s LinkedIn page also reflects badly on the company’s image and reputation. On the LinkedIn page, the company mentions that it has more than 10,000 employees, except only 1,581 employees are in linked on the page (this means that only about 15% of employees are connected to the page). Added to this is the fact that the amount of followers is only around 3000, which barely double the number of the employees who are linked on the page.
On the career page, Future Shop does not have any activities or job postings to attract new people to the company. Leaving this page blank shows a disinterest in hiring new people. The company does not put in any effort to attract job seekers and/or encourage them to visit the page regularly for any updates about job openings.
Also, on the products page, the company does not list any of its products currently for sale. This does not encourage new customers to become attracted to the company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Issue With Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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