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Being away from home for this trip was the Marriott Petra. It is gracious and accommodating, staffers treat each guest like the sheik of Arabia. Afternoon cocktails were served in a Bedouin style bar with a fantastic…
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500 words Travel proposal
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A Journey to the Land of the Prophets Introduction I recently took a 2 day trip to Jordan, the Heshamite Kingdom. Being away from home for this tripwas the Marriott Petra. It is gracious and accommodating, staffers treat each guest like the sheik of Arabia. Afternoon cocktails were served in a Bedouin style bar with a fantastic view of the sunset. A Shawarma dinner was served as soon as it got comfortably dark around.
Paragraph 1-2
Being a first time tourist in the area, the hotel was kind enough to hook me up with Amir Basu who would be my guide for the duration of my stay. He seemed to be one of the regular guides on this tour since he had a whole itinerary drawn up for me within minutes of our discussion of the sights that I wanted to see around the city.
I knew my trip was going to go well with him as the leader. He had this uncanny ability of relating to English speakers in such a way that one would understand the history of a place even before you actually stepped onto the grounds. It also helped that he wanted to know what my interests were so that he could take me to the places that he knew I would be excited to visit and know many places in relation to personal interests.
Paragraphs 3-4
Our first stop on this long car trip was Jerash. A breath-taking city known for its well-preserved Grecian-Roman designs. One can only marvel at the intricate carving methods that were used on these stone pillars which were all done by hand. Entering the city through Hadrian’s Gate, I could not help but remember all those National Geographic and History Channel TV documentaries I had viewed in the past about this particular area. Those documentaries did not do the place justice and showed only the tip of the exquisite beauty that Jerash had to offer.
Next on our agenda was a city tour of Amman, the capital of Jordan. I was amazed to see the Roman Amphitheatre and Citadel Hill. I posed before the statue of Hercules at the Amman Citadel and Temple of Hercules. I could have stayed up on the hill a lot longer than the schedule Amir drew up permitted but he reminded me that the drive back to the hotel was going to be a long one. I begrudgingly agreed to go back to rest up for the night when Amir reminded me that we had a lot more sights to see the next day.
Paragraphs 5-6
We visited the city of Petra itself. Passing through the Siq gorge, the narrow passage had walls rising up to 200 meters allowing the tourists a chance to ride a horse or horse cart along with a guide. The highlight of this ride was the 40 meter high Treasury, ancient royal tombs, and yet another Roman amphitheatre. In my opinion, the city of Petra should be known as the Chameleon City as the colours of the city actually change throughout the day.
We also visited the Mount Nebo, known as the place where Moses saw the Promised Land before heading back to our hotel where the rest of the day had me shopping for souvenirs and preparing for my flight back home. I would have wanted to stay longer as Jordan is a city full of mystery and wonder and the two day trip served to whet my interest in the city more. I will definitely be coming back to Jordan with more vacation time soon. Read More
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