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The Laser Cutting and Welding Machines - Research Proposal Example

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This paper focuses on Laser Cutting and Welding Machines. It applies a very high powered laser to help in the cutting of the perforation plates or sheets which is made up of plastic, rubber, stone, glass, rubber, composite materials or foam…
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The Laser Cutting and Welding Machines
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Extract of sample "The Laser Cutting and Welding Machines"

Download file to see previous pages This wave1lengths often occurs at about 10 µm. The carbon dioxide lasers help in the maintenance of continuous and high levels of the power applied, making them suitable in cutting and marking applications. They are often applied in the cutting of steel and superalloys at various power levels ranging from 1 to 5 kW. The lasers are also applied in the laser eye and in the correction of the laser vision. (Krar 51)

Discussion. Some of the specifications for the cutting and the laser welding machines which includes the transverse speed, power, Y-axis travel, X-axis travel, and the Z-axis travel. Usually, there are three different types of carbon dioxide lasers: transverse gas flow, axial gas flow, and the sealed tube. For the various sealed tube lasers, the power output is 40 to 80 watts (W) per meter of the each of the tube length. The lasers are usually pumped by flash lamps, near IR laser diodes and also the gas discharge lamps. A number of the specialty laser cutting and welding laser cutting machines are applicable in the cutting of pipes tubes, films, adhesives, and composite materials. The laser cutting and welding machines helped in the cutting of machines are specifically designed in the cutting of rubber, plastic, stone, marble, metal, foam, granite and composite material. Some of the laser cutting and welding machines include integral interface and computer interface. Other systems include motorized heads, robotic arms, guidance modules, pallets, gantry tables, monitoring systems, cabinets, sensors, and laser optics.

Advantages of Laser Welding. There are a number of advantages which are associated the laser welding and these includes; Punctual energy input which is exactly localized in very fine structures. Limitation of various working piece deformation in a very slight manner or even none. Very high mechanical strength of the welded seams. The seams are very slim and flat with their surfaces being oxide-free. There is no contact welding without any effects of various effects of the mechanical force on the specific workpiece. Various excellent process control which helps in ensuring constant quality in the entire process of manufacturing. Various laser cutting and welding machine help in the designing of applications with the highest demand on the cutting speed. The fields of application include precision engineering, jewelry [production, electronics production, vehicle, and machine construction and medical technology.

There are also a number of features which has been associated with it which includes; The flexible laser cutting and the welding systems for the fast 2D and 3D in the handling of the metals such as pipes, steel sheets, and 3D forms are often used. The working chamber of 1100 X 1500cm and also the working area 500 X 450 X 350mm
There are various laser sources of 50W to 200W available. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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