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The House Washing Machine for Disabled and Normal People - Essay Example

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The process of learning how to carry out some basic health care activities starts from childhood to the adolescent period. Such basic activities includes tasks like washing dishes and clothes, simple meal preparations such as making sandwiches and community activities such as catching a bus.
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The House Washing Machine for Disabled and Normal People
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The process of learning how to carry out some basic health care activities starts from childhood to the adolescent period. Such basic activities includes tasks like washing dishes and clothes, simple meal preparations such as making sandwiches and community activities such as catching a bus. During the late stages of adolescence and the early stages of adulthood, there is always some expectation that an individual should become more independent when handling the daily living activities either at the home level of at the community level. People who are mature and have never had the basic skills of homecare and household activities are able to do so with some appropriate support, thus making them achieve their own independence. Age and disability should not be an excuse to make one unable to handle basic household activities but with the availability of possible alternatives, everything becomes easier.
Market Analysis
It has now become a common objective for the adults that are living at home to develop the ability of handling things on their own whether disabled or in normal state. In as much as one might be receiving enough support from a family member or a caretaker, having a machine that will help this group of people will make every task much easier. Many people having a problem with washing of both clothes and house cleaning duties may be able to handle this if given an opportunity to make things easier. Developing the ability to handle household chores has the capacity of leading one to achieve independence and that an individual will not be a burden to other members in the house. It is of great importance to provide your child with the practice the daily leaving skills, even if such tasks take longer time and require even more effort. Before coming up with the right product for this population, there is need to look and study the market. An analysis on market shows that at the elderly and children with disabilities are the ones that require more help in handling household duties. In the status now, there is an approximate of around 19 million working-age people with disabilities. This market analysis intends to breach the gap on the housing status of working-age people with disabilities. The reason for focusing on this population is that it represents the large and overgrowing segment that relies heavily on the state and the federal government’s programs. For instance, the government spends nearly $360 billion or an average of $19000 per person on programs relating to elderly people and children with disabilities (Livermore et al., 2010). This gives the government a burden at settling these bills and with special machinery in the market to assist this population; it makes it an open opportunity for the government to relieve itself o extra costs and instead invest the cash on the machinery that will make the lives of this population easier. This will be an open business opportunity for the company that will be manufacturing these machines and at the same time offering a solution to the people with disabilities. The data presented by many other research firms indicates the relationship between housing characteristics and the people with disabilities. Periodic reports provides an estimate that there is worst-case housing needs, and the most recent report indicates that approximately 1 million nonelderly households that have disabled members have the worst-case needs, making a total of approximately 36-percent rate of the total population that deserves to better care facilities. This same research have provided data on the economic backgrounds of the population majorly affected with disability problems and has been able to determine that majority of this population are from poor backgrounds. This implies that there is need to make affordable equipments for the generation so that many can have the opportunity to access them. Any company that is aiming to produce the housing washing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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