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(SOCIAL WORK) Social Circumstances Report - Case Study - Essay Example

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She lives in East America. Her parents migrated to United Kingdom (UK) in 1974. Her family consists of seven members- grandmother, father mother and three siblings; two elder brothers and a younger sister. Her grandmother came to UK 20 years…
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(SOCIAL WORK) Social Circumstances Report - Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages She likes to spend time with her grandmother and learn Gujarati from her. Till this age she has not dated or selected her lover. She comes from a conservative family background. In their family culture they respect Muslim traditions and follow their customs.
Ruksana suffers from certain disabilities like learning disability and physical weakness. Many people in the world faced this problem in their childhood. “Learning disabilities are problems that affect the brains ability to receive process, analyze, or store information.” (Learning disabilities 2009).
Her speech is impaired and she struggles due to phonological disorder. These two problem forces her to take help from others in her personal chores. She travels short distance by electric wheelchair. She completed her schooling from a residential specialist school. Students of such schools are different from normal students. They cannot learn like normal students. They are physically weak and have learning disability. According to a report about safeguarding disabled children in residential special schools “protection from abuse of disabled children living in residential settings has received much less attention than the protection of children looked after by local authorities.” (Paul, Cawson & Paton 2006).
People need patience to communicate with her. It indicates that one reason for her impaired speech may be lack of attention from her parents or other close relatives. Had they given more attention to her in her childhood, this problem could have been solved to an extent. Her speech and language therapist Mr. Jean helps her for this. He adopts computerized assistive voice technology and she is interested in this computer based study. Usually such people seek help from learning and speech therapists when they face problem in learning and reading (About academic language therapy 2004). Here Ruksana did not get help at the initial stage. When she got such a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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