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The Brain All You AreIs Here - Essay Example

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In case Broca’s area is damaged, a person can lose his language abilities, whereas damage to Wernicke’s area causes a person to lose his language…
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The Brain All You AreIs Here
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The Brain All You AreIs Here

Download file to see previous pages... The hippocampus stores our long-term memories, and emotions are believed to be stored in the amygdala. The prefrontal cortex controls our judgments and helps moderate our behavior and rein in our impulses. It is also the region associated with future planning.
As our judgment power has not reached maturity throughout puberty and in our early adulthood, we do not know how to control our impulses, therefore, our decision making is quite faulty, based on bad judgment.
Talent and creativity also depend on our brain’s activity. The frontal lobe gives us the ability or talent, the temporal lobes and limbic system give us determination and incentive to express it. If the latter part of our brain is impaired, the former is bound to be affected adversely. Temporal lobe epilepsy is associated with symptoms of manic depression and mania.
A study done on Buddhist monks showed that meditation can help alter our brain activity by causing more activity to occur in the left prefrontal cortex. The study also showed that meditating subjects showed a better immune response to flu shots than others.
The brain continues to adapt and change throughout our adulthood. The brain has been shown to adapt to injury, molding itself to compensate for the damaged area of the brain. The hippocampus and grey matter have been also been found to grow and increase in size in response to our activities.
Basic emotions can be recognized by the brain regardless of cultural differences, as was shown by a study done by Paul Ekman (in Shreeve 2005). The amygdala in our brain receives the sensory responses from environments that trigger fear responses and reaction to dangers, which, in turn, processes the stimuli, setting the less urgent information aside.
Sometimes the basic emotional responses are based on our “nurture”, these can be unlearned; however, responses like turning our heads suddenly when we feel something moving on our side, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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