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This paper “Understanding Specific Health and Social Needs” will look at people with different special needs including children with sexual problem. The available interventions for children with sexual problems who are mostly referred to as sexual offenders are not quite varied…
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Understanding Specific Health and Social Needs
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Download file to see previous pages Special populations are groups of people that are assign the duty to assess the youth and treat the youth that show the problem of sexual behavior thereby preventing them from becoming sexual offenders in future. Standard care involves developing a standard care for assessment and treatment of youth and children with sexual behavior problems. Then there is the typology and risk assessment which involves developing a typology of children who sexual abuse through systematic assessment. This help in early detection of the problem in children or youths (Longo, 2003).
Then there is the typology and risk assessment which aims to develop a typology for children and youths who have sexual behavior problems. this will help in future to determine such children who may show such problems in the future and thereby helping to avoid sexual abuse and providing help to such children early enough (Longo, 2003).
Interventions that are used are specific to certain conditions. If the concern is saving on cost of hospital visitation, then there is the intervention that involves training of family members on how to care for such patients with such conditions and then allowing the patient to stay at home and get such services from family members. in fact, Seattle-king county health homes initiatives depends on community health workers to do home visitations to low income families having children with asthma to provide social support services in an attempt to encourage home care of the patients (Bachrach, Pfister, Wallis, & Lipson, 2014). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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