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Consumer Services and Food for Ponies - Assignment Example

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This paper delves in the discussion of the consumer services and food and dietetics that are offered to ponies that are of two categories: two four-year-old Thoroughbred/Irish Draught crosses just starting work and two 14.hh working show ponies. The paper also highlights their daily routines…
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Consumer Services and Food for Ponies
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Extract of sample "Consumer Services and Food for Ponies"

Download file to see previous pages Starting from giving room for the feeding of the horses, preparing all the riding equipment that is needed for horse riding, riding session, cleaning time as well as time for relaxing or resting by both the horse and the owner (Graham and  Weese, 2011).
It is important to highlight that when choosing the type of bedding for a horse, there are a number of factors that are considered. Cost of the type of bedding, how free from dust and other foreign particles the bedding is, the palatability of the bedding, how porous is the bedding to allow for effective drainage and absorption and finally the palatability of the bedding. It is important to reiterate that the bedding chosen should be a material that the horse cannot feed on. Below are therefore the various types of beddings that are used for horses (Graham and  Weese, 2011).
Straw:- this is a good type if bedding that is obtained from the cereals such as wheat or barley among others ad it should be used when all the grains are removed or harvested completely. This is a measure to prevent the horses from feeding in the bedding. Straw is a good type of bedding because it gets so clean and dry if there continuous picking of manure from the environment. However, there are various disadvantages that are attached to this kind of bedding. It becomes moldy whenever it gets rained on and also allows for the seepage of urine to the floor unless the bedding is made deeper and thick thereby covering the floor (Graham and  Weese, 2011).
Wood products:- these include the products that are obtained from the sawmills during the processing of lumber. They include sawdust; chips and also make good bedding from the wood products, it is therefore quite important to focus on shavings. This is because they are very soft and makes insulated bedding that is good for the bedding as opposed to the sawdust. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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