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Even though Filwa had desires of becoming a painter, she says that her fashion career has been stable enough. Despite certain social…
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Interview Assignment/profiling
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Interview assignment/profiling al affiliation Interview assignment/profiling Miss Filwa Nazer is a fashion designer and artist from Saudi Arabia, who has carried her passion for art to her adult professional years. Even though Filwa had desires of becoming a painter, she says that her fashion career has been stable enough. Despite certain social situation in her country, Filwa has managed to improve her courage from high school. The knowledge that she got after leaving high school has assisted her in getting the foundation and experience for surpassing the next trendy thing in fashion school.
Her freelance fashion designing profession has turned her into an innovative adviser and illustrator with eight years of experience. As a result, she has managed to generate an “annual caftan collection that has been very successful.” Filwa revealed her innovative skills as she painted and drew being a toddler. While in high school, her scientific proposals and illustrations improved her painting skills. This is because she “had a good eye for colors and loved to read and escape into her imaginary worlds.”
I asked Filwa about her native nation’s take on women’s artistry and any support anticipated from the government, private sector and men in the society as well. She openly acknowledges her involvement and interest. Filwa says that more female artists are discovered every day in Saudi Arabia. In the past, art was not endowed and promoted in her community. This made artists, especially female artists, dip into “very safe and limited subjects in their art work.” She also claims that globalization, art exhibitions and community support unearthed “Saudi’s talents that showcased their work around the world.”
Filwa likes all types of art. Nevertheless, she highlights that painting, collage, taking pictures and poems deeply articulate her interests and emotions. When I asked about her relations with other renowned artists, she states that she relates variably with them because of “some aspects of their work or imagination.” For instance, she mentions Louise Bourgois’s art piece “Probe the female psyche and experience,” making it possible for her to affiliate to the description of fantastical scenarios of Peter Doig’s portraits. I later on enquired about a number of her artworks and Filwa claimed to be currently working on a fairytale theme. However, she does not have a favorite art piece because she easily “gets attached to all of them.”
Miss Filwa Nazer says that she has not kept a time schedule of her painting experience. I also asked about her painting style and she stated that her research into the various art themes that exist made her art styles be classified as narrative, fantastical and relatively metaphorical. She also claims to be suitably founded in the domain of art since she “educated herself about art, took courses and read avidly on the subject.” She is also “always visually curious and her mind is very restless, always escaping to somewhere.” This made her become an escapist to the better world of art and made her innovative in creating something out of anything fidgety.
Miss Filwa Nazer has also been crafty when making a Thobe, caftan collection, for nearly a decade. The collection is only sold in Saudi Arabia as traditional clothing, particularly in the course of the holy month of Ramadan. She followed a conventional trend and made it a contemporary mode of dressing. She explains this by saying that it made women feel “more feminine and body conscious, creating unusual juxtapositions of artistic embroidery and unusual colors and cuts.” Miss Filwa Nazer was bold enough to end the interview by reminding other artists to remain humble and persevering in the industry. Read More
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