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The inter dependency of states in the process of socio-economic development has become a highly pertinent issue. In the international relations, while the state remains the central…
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Unit Journal
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Download file to see previous pages Indeed, the economic integration through liberalization of trade and de-regulation by the states has redefined global economy in terms of inter-dependency of resources. Most importantly, it is designed towards more equitable distribution of resources vis-à-vis goods and human capital across the geographical boundaries. Role of non state actors is emphasized in conflict resolution, negotiation process and raising issues that influence common interests like international peace, environment and sustainable development, human rights, financial aid etc. The barriers in cooperation develop due to exigencies and political dichotomy within the states and nexus between goals of non state actors and international trade (Gourevitch, 2002).
The external factors like socio-economic, political and environment have huge impact on trade. They create a nexus between the non state actors and issues that considerably impact civil society. Stiglitz (2007) says that interests of nations are compromised by the American hegemony in the international financial institutes like World Bank and IMF. NGOs mostly use social concerns to influence international trade policies and methods of operations. As such, major barrier to cooperation occurs when the wider interests of the society are threatened by the vested interests of the few like TNCs and international agencies and financial institutions which are influenced by powerful nations like America. (words: 302)
Within the broader precinct of security, the national and international policies that address the factors which are threat to people and climate, have emerged as vital issues in international relations. Climate security is intrinsically linked to human security (ipcc, 2008). The limited natural resources like water, land and fresh air are being taken for granted with scarce regard for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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