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American-Russian relations - Essay Example

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: American-Russian relations The relations existing between U.S and Russia are multi-faceted. Both countries strive for economic and political influence. However, the relations between the two countries in the 20th century were tense, but they continued fostering co-operation…
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American-Russian relations
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Download file to see previous pages In essence, strategic partnership adopted by the two powers is important in terms of combating global challenges. Improvement in relations for both countries assists in terms of developing mutual interests. Considered super powers, Russia and United States need to do away with a unipolar system that creates a hegemonic power. The elimination of hegemonic power assists in reducing tensions between the world’s superpowers. The countries need to establish democratic principles important in facilitating international relations. A lack of trust may occur in terms of how the countries treat each other. Example involves the United States involvement in the Russia’s social transformation. To improve relations, the United States should focus on enabling Russia to access Western investment and markets. Access to western markets would help Russia in terms of economic revival. Regarding implementation of reforms, the United States should focus on an all-inclusive reforms, and not deal with a few elite government officials from their Russian counterparts. Further, a review of foreign policy is essential for both countries in terms of improving international relations. It is imperative that both countries tackle the challenge they face to reduce the mistrust, and hence post-cold war relations calls for establishment of trust. The structural factors impacting on relations between these two countries include language differences, different cultures, cold war and geographical distance. Trade flow in the two nations can improve starting with oil trade. Both countries should loosen barriers to FDI (foreign direct investment). Russia on their part need to engage United States in economic dialogue meant to avail trade opportunities for both countries. Russia needs strong lobbying to improve trade relations with the U.S. This should involve improving business and cultural exchange. Other impediments to tackle in regard to Russia-U.S relations require active dialogue from both administrations. This involves recognizing Russia in relations that involve normal trade, for example, NTR. To improve trade relations, the United States should loosen restrictions on Russia, and particular, Jackson-Vanik restrictios. Further, Russia as a country needs to join trade organizations such as OECD or WTO and this would assist the country in terms of minimizing trade uncertainties. Joining WTO would assist Russia in improving business flows; furthermore, ratification of bilateral investment by the two countries is important in improving trade relations. Russia plays a significant role in terms of assisting the U.S to contain arms race. The co-operation from Russia is essential in balancing power in regard to international relations. The progressive development in international relations depends on close ties between the two countries. This reflects on number issues that require diplomacy. Strategically, Russia is central to United States diplomacy in Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. Russia’s interest in terms of international relations involves minimizing arms race, maintaining influence on post-soviet countries and advancing economic interests. Shared interests between the two countries entail an engagement to prevent nuclear warfare. In this light, the U.S should view Russia in terms of enhancing equal partnership. This is evident in conflict of interests arising UN Security Council meetings. On the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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