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This article looks at the actual obligations that employers have towards their employees and the impact they face from the society and the economy.
First, the employers should adequately conduct, inform,…
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Principles of communication-111
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Obligations of the Employers and the Society Perspectives The employers owe their employees an obligation in their work duties. This article looks atthe actual obligations that employers have towards their employees and the impact they face from the society and the economy.
First, the employers should adequately conduct, inform, train, and supervise staff so that they can ensure that the staffs are safe. The employers are also responsible to ensure that the practices are understood and upheld by all team members. This practice can be performed more by the supervisors who are responsible to train new young workers and provide them with adequate information and orientation on the on the job.
Secondly, the employers owe the employees the obligation of consulting with them concerning the decisions that are made relating to the normal chores in the performance of their work duties. Consultative decision-making has always proved to be pivotal in the management of workers. This is because the employees are allowed to express their views and concerns to the management, which in turn is responsible to adhere to the demands of the employees (Queensland Government web).
Thirdly, the employers should provide all the appropriate personal protective equipment, which are required to ensure to ensure workers can complete their job safely. Protective equipment plays a major role in ensuring that the safety of workers is adhered to. Consequently, safe employees will produce more than the unsafe employees will. In addition, it the obligation of the employers should monitor and evaluate the occupational health safety systems and procedures to ensure that workers are adequately protected from work place hazards.
It is the obligation of the employers to provide facilities for the welfare of the employees. The welfare system covers many areas including toilettes facilities to conducting risk assessments on the plants and equipment is used. They should also make the procedures known to the employees. Moreover, the employers have a duty the employees the agreed amount if the employee arrives for work and is able to work. The payments include the agreed upon remuneration of wages and salaries (Queensland Government web).
Another major obligations is that the employers are responsible to give the employees work to do. However, if the employee is paid by commission, and the employer does not give the employee any work to do, or if not working, could damage the employees reputation. In addition, the employers are obliged to give the correct information to their employees about their rights under their contract.
The employers have an obligation to give the reference to the employee especially where the reference is required, for example in financial service authority. The employers owe the duty to the employees to make sure that the reference is completed with reasonable skill and care, and are true accurate and fair. The employer also owes a duty to the receiver of the reference not to make any negligent statements about the employee (Compact Law web).
The society and the economic climate may alter the accomplishment of these obligations. For example, if the economic realities are harsh on the company that the employee is working on, the employer may decide to decrease the salaries of employees or at times lay off workers. This results to a breach of contract. Secondly, the society may victimize or harass the employees particularly in front of their fellow employees who are less senior than the victim is. The economic reality hinders the achievement of these realities. For example, when a senior manager is forced to vacate office for leave or on vacation. The results of the employees work may decrease thus hampering the achievements of the laid down goals and objectives of the company. This may result to some employees losing their positions. The mostly affected are the sales persons (Compact Law web).
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